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The reaction of carbonic acid in rain and groundwater with the carbonate rock.

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How did the caves in US form?

Almost all caves were formed by the actions of water. It dissolves the rock and and forms the caverns and spectacular views.

What causes the erosion that forms caves?

Caves are formed by rain water peculating through sedimentary rock such as limestone, chalk or sandstone. Over millions of years the water will dissolve away the rock, forming potholes, which can enlarge into caves and caverns.

How is a calcitic stalactite rock formed?

water rich in dissolved carbonate drips from the ceiling of caves. As it drips, carbonate (CaCo3) precipitates out bit by bit, creating the stalactite.

What is the process that formed many of your large caves and caverns?

Most caves - of any size - are in limestone, and those are all formed primarily by dissoultion of the rock by weakly acidic ground-water penetrating the joints, bedding-planes, faults and other permeabl discontinuities within the rock mass.

What type of process forms caves?

Caves are formed by the dissolution of susceptible carbonate rocks by acidic ground water. Both air and soil contain carbon dioxide (and other chemicals) that dissolve in water to form weak acids.

How are caves formed in limestone?

Limestone caverns are formed when the acid in the rain drops or sea water erodes the stone through attrition and eliminates to rock. Limestone is a permeable rock - which means it can soak up liquid, like a sponge.

How is limestone formed in caves?

It isn't! Caves do not form rock at all! Caves in limestoneare formed by the removal by dissolution of the rock by acidic ground-water.

What are some example of chemical weathering?

Chemicals dissolve rock forming caves and caverns.

What is the calcium carbonate cycle?

Plants and animals that secret lime (CaCO3) flourish in tropical seas. Shells Of CaCO3 in many pile up in shallow off shore waters where they cemented themselves into limestone. Slightly acid grown water is a solvent of limestone, and creates tunnels, caves, and even caverns along cracks or joints in the rock. Some of the dissolved calcium carbonate is redeposit in caves and caverns stalactites and stalagmites.

How does a acid cave form?

Limestone is the rock that is in Caves. When carbonate acid is reacted to the limestone in the caves, it will corrode forming strange caves landforms.

How is erosion seen in caves?

Caves are formed in different ways. In limestone, however, most caves are formed by ground water that seeps down into the rock. The slight acidity of rainwater will dissolve carbonate rocks by a chemical action, which over time will form underground caves, filled with air or water, in what is called "karst" topography. This landform also creates sinkholes when the overlying layers of rock and soil collapse.

Why do caves form only in certain types of rock?

caves are more commonly formed in some types of rock

How is moaning caverns formed made?

Moaning Cavern is a solution, or karst, cave formed as all such caves are, by dissolution of calcium carbonate by slightly acidic ground-water. In this case the rock is marble, metamorphosed limestone, but still the same chemical. Try just putting its name in Wikipedia as I did to answer this - it also tells you the origin of its name! It is a show-cave now, offering as many show-caves now do, "adventure caving" as well as the straightforward walking tours.

Rock formations in caves are made from what type of rock?

i think its made of limestone i dont really know though. I do! In almost all cases, in caves formed in limestone, the formations are of the mineral calicte (calcium carbonate), the primary compound of limestone. Water dissolves the calcium carbonate, which can then precipitate in the air of a cave passage to form the stalactites, stalagmites, etc.

What type of rock is Carlsbad Caverns?

Limestone. The caves are located in a limestone mountain range called the Guadalupe Mountains.

In what kind of rock are caves found?

Caves could be found in any type of rock, depending on the definition of 'cave'. Most caves are dissolution structures formed in limestone, a sedimentary rock.

What causes caverns?

Caverns are formed by erosion caused by rain and snow eroding the rocks. The water would seep down into the ground, dissolving rock material, creating the caverns.

Is there a relationship between groundwater and caves?

In limestone and sandstone areas, especially, ground water filtering through the rock and dissolving the limestone or sandstone, creates potholes, caverns and caves.

What type of deposit form limestone caves?

They don't! Deposits don't form caves, but limestone is a sedimentary rock formed from marine or lacustrine deposits. Caves form within limestone by dissolution of its calcium carbonate by ground-water flowing through the rock's joints, bedding-planes and faults.

What type of rock is made of calcium carbonate?

A Chemically formed Sedimentary rock: Limestone.

Caves are formed by?

Most caves are in Limestone, and develop by ground-water dissolving the rock as it percolates through the rock's joints & other discontinuities. The water is rendered acid so it can dissolve the calcium carbonate by absorbed atmospheric CO2 (becoming Carbonic Acid).

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