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I have the same problem, except I have a cassette player and not a CD player. I believe the answer is the antenna has come loose from the radio but I do not know how to check it.

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โˆ™ 2006-07-09 05:37:56
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Q: Cd player works but radio will not static on a 2002 ford focus with new antenna?
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How do you fix a radio in a Hyundai XG300 when it becomes all static?

When the radio in a Hyundai XG300 becomes all static, it is possible that the antenna is damaged. It could also be possible that the antenna is loose on the back of the radio.

Radio was working and then while driving went to nothing but static on AM and FM. What is the problem?

The antenna circuit is the most likely cause of the static. check to see that the antenna cable is plugged into the radio, and there are no loose wires.

What is a car antenna booster used for?

A car antenna booster is used to 'boost' the radio waves of the car's antenna. This is usually used to improve radio quality and reduce static that might be heard.

What's wrong if the radio turns on but no station can be heard just static but the CD player works in 2000 ford expedition?

Sounds like your radio antenna isn't plugged in properly.

How do I fix static in the radio on 96 miata?

Could be a wire crossing in the speakers, the radio itself might be bad. Does it do it all the time? Speakers might be blown. Or, your antenna lead is not plugged into the rear of the radio. Is it radio static, or does it have static on cd/tape as well?

My car radio is very staticy on AM radio?

AM radio is naturally has more static than FM. But if it has so much static that the really powerful or local stations are fizzy, that means you need a better antenna.

How do you get rid of static on FM radio in your home?

change the location of the radio, put it near a window and make sure the antenna is extended

Where is the antenna radio connection located on a 98' ford escort?

The radio antenna is a fine wire imbedded in the windshield. If your radio doesn't pull in any stations, but you get static then probably the cable came out of the back of the radio. If you recently got a new windshied it may have not had the antenna. You should be an antenna at an auto parts store and install it on the front fender.

My Subaru Forrester radio was fine then made a static noise. No sound played on the left rear and left front speakers. Right front and right rear play at a whisper. Start car hear static. Any ideas?

Do you only have a radio, or do you have a tape or CD player. If you have one of them, do they work OK? IF so, then you have an antenna problem. Try loosening and cleaning the antenna socket ( if it is a regular stalk antenna). IF it is an "in-glass" antenna, you can try to tighten the connection at the radio (hard to get at) and also check to see if there is a break in the wire in the glass or when it leaves the glass to go to the radio.

Where can you get a radio antenna for a 2002 ford focus wagon?

J. C. Whitney and Co.

Why is there only loud static on the radio for a 2000 Dodge Intrepid?

because your antenna isn't hooked up properly most likely on the back of the radio

How do you make a antenna for my mp3 players FM radio?

If the player enables radio it should use either an in built antenna of use the earphones as an antenna. Nothing more to buy or build.

How do you trouble shoot a radio in a 1993 Dodge Caravan The clock works but the radio does not Can you remove the radio and redo the wiring?

The antenna must be simply disconnected.. if there is no signal for the station, the radio auto mutes to keep you from hearing static.. so yes.. remove the radio and yourll know what the antenna wire is and what i goes into.

The radio on my 1996 Eagle Talon worked until I hit a bump and then would come back on. Now I only have static but Cd player works Why?

It's very likely your antenna cable popped out of the back of your radio. Not a major problem, to fix it, just pull your stereo out enough to get at the back of it, and plug the antenna wire back in.

How do you say radio antenna in German?

Radio antenna can be translated as: Funkantenne Radionantenne

How do you fix static on AM car radio?

You need to make sure that your antenna is fully extended. You also need to drive away from power lines.

Why does the radio in a 2005 impala have so much static?

It's possible there's a problem with your antenna wire. Make sure it's in the radio and that it's not cut somewhere along the line.

What are radio static letters?

Radio static letters : "EMI"

How to fix 2000 focus radio static when using turn signals and braking?

sounds like a ground problem to me..

What can be wrong with my radio if it no longer has reception but the CD player works?

The antenna is probably not connected

What is wrong with the radio reception on a 2007 Camry Radio?

Bad antenna? Radio needs to be trimmed Bad antenna? Radio needs to be trimmed

What might be wrong if the radio only gets static but CD player still works on 2002 Chrysler Town and Country?

Since the radio reception is all that's been affected, I'd say the antenna connection is interupted somewhere along it's length. Possibly it has just come disconnected from the deck. May be that there is a break in the wire leading from the antenna to the deck.

Why would car radio play nothing but static?

Your antenna may have come loose from the back of the stereo, or it may have been switched over to am by accident.

Will window tint cause the radio to static on a 2002 Honda civic lx?

No it will not. Your radio antenna is the top portion of the rear window. unless you cut it somehow.. It is also possible that the antenna booster located on the left side of the back window behind the pillar molding was bumped when tinted and that could cause the static. I had this problem once with a Civic Coupe. pull the cover on the pillar and unplug the antenna wire and the plug it back in. If you have not had the problem fixed try that.

What can transformation can occur in a radio antenna?

The radio antenna converts electromagnetic radiation to electrical energy