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Centigram in a kilogram?

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1 centigram = 0.00001 kilograms.

1 kilogram = 100,000 centigrams.

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Is bigger a centigram or a kilogram?

kilogram o_o

Which is bigger a kilogram or centigram?

A centigram is 1/100 of a gram where a kilogram is 1000 grams. So a kilogram is larger. Or to be correct heavier.

Is a kilogram larger than a centigram?


From largest to smallest what is the order of gram kilogram hectogram dekagram centigram decigram milligram?

kilogram, gram, decigram, centigram and milligram

Shortest to longest kilogram milligram megagram gram centimeter microgram?

assuming you meant centimeter as centigram : micogram, milligram, centigram, kilogram, megagram.

Is centigram and kilogram a unit of measuring mass?


What is smaller a milligram kilogram centigram or gram?


Does a kilogram weigh more than a centigram?


Are a kilogram millimeter meter centigram and celsius all measure of mass?

Nope - only kilogram and centigram are. Millimetre & metre are units of length and celsius is a temperature scale !

What are the is the units in order from least to greatest?

centigram gram kilogram

Which is bigger centigram or kilogram?

Kilogram is bigger. parts of a gram: 10-1 gram = 1 decigram 10-2 gram = 1 centigram 10-3 gram = 1 milligram

Is the centigram the base unit for mass?

The base unit for mass is the Kilogram.

What units of measure would be most appropriate for determining the mass of an apple a Gram or kilogram or milligram or centigram?


What other unit of measurement is equal to 100 centigram?

1/1000 kilogram.1/1000 kilogram.1/1000 kilogram.1/1000 kilogram.

Which is bigger centigrams or kilograms?

A kilogram is 100,000 times larger than a centigram.

How many centigram are in 2.5 kilogram?

25 000 centigrams in 2.5 kilograms

What are the prefixes of grams?

Kilogram Hectogram Decagram Gram deciagram centigram millagram

How much centigram is equal to 474 kilogram?

474 kilograms is 47,400,000 centigrams.

How do you convert kilograms into centigrams?

1 centigram is 1/100 of a gram and one kilogram is 1000 grams. Therefore a kilogram is 100,000 centigrams.

What are the measurements of the metric system in order from greatest to least?

Kilogram;hectogram;decagram;decigram;centigram milligram

What does cg mean in metric system?

It stands for centigram which is 1/100,000 of a kilogram, the basic unit of mass.

Why did you move the decimal point to right when covering kilogram to centigram?

Because you are multiplying by 10 to the fifth power.

Which is smaller cg or kg?

Centigram (cg).Centigram (cg).Centigram (cg).Centigram (cg).

What is the significant measurement of 70.00 g?

A centigram (or 10 milligrams).A centigram (or 10 milligrams).A centigram (or 10 milligrams).A centigram (or 10 milligrams).

Which is smaller gram or a centigram?

centigram is smaller.1 gram = 100 centigram

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