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Q: Cezanne believed that all forms in nature are based on several geometric forms and made use of them in his paintings?
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Is 'The Bath' one of Paul Cezanne's art?

No, but he made several paintings called Bathers.

Why is Paul Cezanne famous?

For several reasons. One is that his work is the starting point for Cubism.

What paintings did Edvard Munch paint?

Several of his important paintings make 'The frieze of life'.

Who did Renoir donate several of his paintings to?

alfred wallis

Who painted a picture of a museum full of paintings?

This is not unusual, there are several paintings of such a subject. Tell me more about this one!

What did Pablo Picasso's paintings represent?

He made several thousands of paintings, each representing something different.

Which 2nd generation abstract expressionist did the famous paintings of American flags?

Jasper Johns did several paintings of Americam flags.

How many paintings did Claude Monet paint?

There are 1,189 paintings attributed to Claude Monet. However, there are several series of almost identical paintings of the same subject.But how many that are the same?

How many Tinikling paintings did Fernando Amorsolo paint?

Fernando Amorsolo painted several of the Tinikling paintings. These paintings focused on dancing women doing the Tinikling dance for which they are named.

How many paintings did Pablo Picasso sell when he was alive?

Several thousands.

How do you write a sentence with the word porfolio?

My portfolio contains several of my paintings.

What geometric figures are in the Alamo building?

The major geometric figure in the design of the Alamo building is the shape of a cross. Attached to side of the building are several rooms of rectangular shape.

How many paintings did Wassily Kandinsky make?

Wassily Kandinsky painted over 50 paintings, and is widely recognized as one of the first painters of purely abstract paintings in modern times. Answer 2: He painted several hundred paintings.

How many paintings did Picasso sell?

Nobody knows for sure, but they were several thousand.

What are the names of several famous paintings?

Da Vinci, Miguel Angel Bounarroti :) ;)

Who is the artist of configuration?

Configuration is a title that several artists have used for abstract paintings.

When did Vincent van Gogh drew Irises?

Paintings are different from drawings. We are talking paintings here.His best-known painting with Irises is from 1889. He painted several other Irises paintings in 1888 and 1890.

What flower appears in one of the paintings of Vincent van Gogh?

At least two of his paintings are of sunflowers. The way I found out is that I have the program from the Related Link.ChrysanthemumsAnswer 2:Irises in several paintings, roses in a few, sunflowers in 12.

Who painted Nocturnes?

JAM Whistler mad several paintings named Nocturne + a definition.

When did Wayne Thiebaud paint 'Cakes'?

He made several 'Cakes' paintings, most of them in 1963.

Two gods that the people in ancient Greece believed in?

Zeus and Hades were gods that the ancient Greeks believed in, and several others were believed by them as well.

John the Evangelist at Patmos paintings?

Your question is not clear. In case you want to see several paintings of this subject, click related link below! The pictures can be enlarged by clicking.

What was the subject that Claude Monet painted?

Monet mostly painted paintings related to landscapes. Many of his paintings are of flowers, trees, and water lilies. He did several of the same subjects. One of his most famous paintings is called "Water Lilies."

Did van Gogh like trees?

How are we to know? In his paintings trees occur several times, what does that prove?

Did Sandro Botticelli meet the Medici family?

The Medicis commissioned Botticelli to paint several paintings for them.