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open tailgate, remove 2 Phillips screws, look inside, at the back of the light at midway position you will see a black plastic moulded type nut, unscrew by hand and pull light unit out, remove cable by pressing side of connector, pull back 6 clips [gently] on back of unit and remove light cluster from unit, replace bulb, and replace in reverse order.

The later Fiestas have a cheaper fitting for the rear light clusters - two Torx-head screws on the tailgate side, and two plastic lugs on the outside. Remove the two Torx screws, then grip the light cluster firmly and give a straight tug to pull out the plastic lugs. Use T25 Torx bit - nearly all the small screws on Fords are T25.

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Q: Change brake bulb on fiesta 14 tdci?
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Why on a Fiesta tdci 2003 do brake lights stay on when lights are on and Side lights come on when brake is used Fuses all ok Anyone know why?

If you have replaced the brake light bulbs lately check that you used the correct bulb. Some rear bulbs should be the 2 filament type and if a 1 filament bulb is used the lighting circuit shorts causing odd behavior.

What is a Fiesta 1.4 tdci?

A Ford Fiesta 1.4 tdci comes in many models. You can find this type of car in a 2 door, 4 door, hatchback, or mini van.

Is Ford Fiesta TDI a diesel?

Yes TDCi is a diesel engine

Is the timing belt tensioner hydraulic on the fiesta 1.4 tdci?

Yes, the timing belt tensioner is hydraulic on the Fiesta 1.4 TDCi. Its construction ensures strength, chemical and thermal resistance for longer life.

When do you change timing belt on fiesta 2004?

I have a 1.4 tdci 2004 fiesta, and the recommended time is 80,000 miles but would be best to check it at around 75k aswell :D Happy Motoring

How often change a cam belt on ford fiesta 1.4 tdci 2003?

160,00 or 10 years i believe 160,000 or 10 yrs

What happens if the cam belt breaks on a ford fiesta 1.4 tdci?

you get it replaced...

What mileage do you change the cam belt on a ford fiesta 1.4 turbo diesel?

120,000 miles or 10 years on a 2003 Model 1.4 TDCi

How much is tax on a ford fiesta zetec s 1.6 tdci?

£35 per year

How do you remove hose on fiesta diesel thermostat 1.4 tdci 2003?

push tab in to remove

Where is the fuel filter onford fiesta tdci?

On the right of the air filter as you look under the bonnet.

How do you get locate starter motor on Ford Fiesta 1.4 tdci?

The starter motor on a Ford fiesta 1.4 tdci is located on the side of the engine. Look directly where the engine is bolted to the bell housing which contains the clutch. It can be easily visible if you are under the car itself.

How do i change oil filter on diesel fiesta?

Depends on the year or type of diesel engine. The older engines had a cannister filter whilst the latest Tdci has a replaceable paper element.

Why am i Getting fumes into cabin on 2003 fiesta tdci?

really common fault is blown injector seals, are you getting any unwanted noises from the engine? any change in perfomance?

How do you change the brake disc on a tdci mondeo?

easy job ,,,take the wheel off then undo and take off the calliper, then the disc comes off.......

What is wrong if your Fiesta 1.4 tdci gets overheated when turning the ac on?

Your cooling fans are not coming on, or the clutch fan is bad.

How do you top up freon in a 2004 ford fiesta 1.4 tdci?

It contains no R12 Freon. Freon has not been used for years.

Location of map sensor on 2003 fiesta 1.4 tdci?

hai my car is ford fiesta zetec 2003 5door ,in my cay o2 sensor have fault .can you tell me how many o2 sensor are there and were is location

When to change the cambelt on a Ford Fiesta 1.4 tdci?

Ford recommends changing it at 150000 miles or 10 years. However, this is wait too much. It is usually recommended by users and mechanics to change it at 75000 miles. A broken belt means a new engine.

When should you change the cambelt on a ford cmax?

Every 100,000 miles or 96 months on the 1.6L & 1.6Ti Every 125,000 miles or 120 months on the 1.6 TDCI, 1.8 TDCI, & 2.0 TDCI

What is the difference between Ford Fiesta TDI and TDCI?

TDI is turbo direct injection. TDCI is turbo direct Common rail injection. TDI was older generation engines which are discontinued due their non-compliance with emission regulations. The new TDCI is more powerful and response is crisp. Could really out perform a similar size petrol engine.

When to change cam belt on mondeo tdci?

it ain't got one

How do you bleed fuel system on fiesta 1.4 tdci?

you dont If you've had a fuel pipe off and diesel has flowed back down the pipe away from the fuel filter, pump the rubber bulb at the side of the air filter until you can hear fuel squelching in it. The engine should start at that point.

What mileage do you change the timing belt on a focus 1.6 tdci?

Suggested at 60,000

When do you change the cambelt on a 2.0 tdci 130ps?

Hi, this engine has a timing chain not a belt.