Change dishwasher door to another finish I have off white color and would like to go to stainless steal finish?

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I have a ge white profile gsd4930z04 ww id like to get stainles stel door or face not sure what to call it but door or a cover in sainless steel!

Thanks,rick miller

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How do you get a burn mark off a stainless steal pot?

You can't get a burn mark of stainless steal because the steal has a special type of coating on it that stops it burning. . You should use a normal steal pot so it can work and so that it will be able to burn. . If you use the steal pot then it will be able to burn unlike a stainless steel for ( Full Answer )

How thick is number 4 finish 24GA Stainless steel?

24 GA Stainless Steel is 0.239" per the U.S. Standard Gage for Uncoated Hot- & Cold-Rolled Sheets. The thickness is not dependent on the material type.. The number 4 refers to the surface finish. It only affects the thickness in that it removes some of the surface material. A number 4 finish is rou ( Full Answer )

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Finishes of stainless steel when described as satin or brushed or a little to subjective to be accurate. Usually brushed is polished using an abrasive built to show a directional grain, satin is generally smoother by either using a fine abrasive or using satin brushes that don't really have a grain. ( Full Answer )

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Nickel and Stainless steel are different metals and thus have slightly different colors. Stainless steel is often offered in a brushed finish which looks similar to satin/brushed nickel. Nickel also comes in a polished finish. If you are looking to match bathroom fixtures with a brushed finish you a ( Full Answer )

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