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Changed the car battery in Toyota rav4 alarm would not stop do not have alarm remote?

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there is a reset button by the hood release but on the left side when you are sitting in the drivers seat. hold the button while turning the key.

-----August 25, 2011

First of all, thank you. I followed the advice above. Yes there is a toggle switch next to the hood release. I also lost my remote for the alarm and when I replaced the battery the alarm went off. I followed the advice as soon as I hook up the battery, with the key in the ignition (ON) setting I flip the toggle switch a few times. This enabled to reset the alarm and I was able to start the car.

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How to disconnect the alarm system from a 1994 Toyota Camry the battery was replaced and now the alarm continues to go off the remote does not works anymore?

The brain for the alarm is under the driver seat just disconect it you should be good!

Why would my alarm and remote not work on my Ford Explorer?

Start by replacing the battery in the remote.

How do you know if the car alarm remote battery is flat?

If you know for sure that the alarm is functioning correctly, but the key-fob doesn't operate - either the fob is faulty or the battery is flat. Replace the battery - if the fob operates the alarm, then the battery was flat. If the alarm still doesn't operate, then the fob is faulty. You can always test the battery with a multimeter - although you may have to dismantle the remote to get at the battery !

1999 Toyota Sienna alarm going off when using the remote unlock function?

I put in a new battery and I was unable to start the car; I am wondering if this is due to the fact that I disconnected the alarm some time ago. This is the first time I've taken the battery out since I disconnected the alarm.

Why did the battery in your car alarm remote get hot?

sounds like the battery short-circuited.

How do you change Battery and disarm alarm in a Subaru Forester?

Lock and unlock the driver door with the remote if the alarm is on because of a disconnected battery.

How do you reset a car alarm lockout on a 1999 Toyota Solara?

how do you reset alarm after rplacing the battery on 1999 toyota solara

Does keyless remote red light automatically come on when battery is changed?

Im not sure if you're talking about remote starters or alarms, but the alarm light did pop on when I changed the battery in my 95 Jeep GC Laredo. All I had to do was lock and unlock the doors a few times to reset the system.

When changing the battery on 2004 Toyota Tacoma Pickup will it affect the alarm system and if so how do you reset it?

the factory alarm is turned on and off by the drivers door-key-switch....or with the factory remote if you have one...unlocking the door with the key turns off the alarm...:)

Is it alarm remote or remote alarm?

An alarm remote is a remote control for an alarm system. A remote alarm is an alarm that rings somewhere far away from whatever set off the alarm.

Change Battery in 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer with alarm?

when you hook up the battery and the alarm goes off hit the unlock button on your door lock remote.

Where do you purchase an alarm remote for a 2001 Toyota Sequoia?

EBay. Or I have a couple of extra ones

How do you reprogram the factory remote starter and alarm on a 93 Jeep Grand Cherokee after the battery has beeen reinstalled?

replace the remote

How do you reprogram a auto mate car alarm remote?

how or where can i purchase a new auto mate remote contrl for my 2001 toyota sequoia

When reconnecting your battery the alarm resets itself and alarm cannot be disengaged?

Affirmative. You must find out which fuse controls the alarm and remove it prior to reinstalling or re-connecting the battery. Have your remote handy when replacing the fuse as the alarm will go off!

Why would my Car alarm just stop working but the locking still works on remote?

some car alarms have a backup battery in them. thses batteries if worn out can stop the alarm working.also sometimes the battery in the remote needs replacing to work

How do you deactivate the alarm system of a 1990 Toyota Celica without possessing the the remote while the alarm is sounding?

You have to turn the keys into the ignition on the vehicle. That's how i found out to stop it. It is due to your battery sending different voltage to the car which sents off the alarm. I never tried this though there is a little switch that flips to the left and the right close to the battery. It has wired leading to the battery so it could possible kill the alarm. Oh and if your alarm is going off that means your battery is either busted or if its new that means your alternator is. That's how i fixed mine.

Disable alarm system on a Toyota Paseo?

I have a 1995 Toyota Paseo I changed the battery on the car and buitl in alarm would not let me start the car it flashed light and kept buzzing had to undo battery.. Does anybody know how to diable the built in alrm system?? Try putting the key into the driver's door lock and turning the keu to the extreme left then right. Some cars have this and the owner never even knew that they had an alarm system.

Changed battery alarm won't go off how do you manually disengage alarm system in 1998 Toyota 4 runner?

There is usually a manual disarm under the dash. Put the key in to the on position and then push the button for 3 to 6 seconds.

Replaced battery in remote now red light comes on remote and car central locking and alarm goes on is it remote or fault in remote?

I had a problem too when I removed the battery from my Mentor's remote . Do the following ,sit inside the car , remove the remote battery , wait for 1 minute , replace the remote battery when doing so you will see that the remote light is on ! If the light is not on try again ! Now press and hold the lock button on the remote until you hesar the doors lock . Your remote is now programed .

How do you turn the alarm off on a 2004 Nissan Xterra without the remote?

You would disconnect the battery terminals.

If you have replaced the battery in my Audi 80 but have lost my remote and the alarm in car wont go off how do I disconnect the alarm?

if you did disconnect the alarm, it wouldn't let you start the car because of the immboliser

How often do you replace battery on car remote?

im guessing that your talking about the alarm/keyless remote. You will find that you have to get closer and closer to the car to be able to unlock it. You should replace the battery when you have to be within about 10ft from the car.

How do you replace the battery on remote alarm key fob?

Take it to Wal*Mart, they can change it at the watch (jewelry) counter.

How do you program a remote for an existing car alarm?

how to program another remote from a existing car alarm remote immobilizer