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Changed the distrubutor plugs wires and still no fire to the plugs What is wrong with your 1997 sebring?

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computer memory may be blank. if you unhooked your battery or it went dead for any period of time you may need to get your computer memory re flashed. cost is about 75 bucks at the dealer.

2006-08-27 09:40:50
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Q: Changed the distrubutor plugs wires and still no fire to the plugs What is wrong with your 1997 sebring?
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Changed 3 freeze plugs on a 1998 Sebring all were leaking still have slight leak somewhere Any suggestions?

Pressure test the cooling system to track the source of the leak.

1991 Toyota Camry changed alternator battery starter still wont start?

Check spark plug wires, and voltage on the distrubutor.

I changed my spark plugs on my Volvo 01 s6o and it is still misfiring Also changed coils and fuel injectors any suggestions?

vacum leak

Your Turn signal on your 98 sebring stop working you have changed the fuse and it still does not work how do you fix?

Check the bulb and the flasher. Check the bulb and the flasher.

On a 2000 Saturn sl2 im not getting fire to the 1 center spark plug i changed the coil the same 2 run to also changed plugs and wires what else could be causing this?

Im having the same problem on my 1995 Saturn SC2 DOHC The two middle plugs have no fire changed the coil still nothing Hope someone can answer this Im having the same problem on my 1995 Saturn SC2 DOHC The two middle plugs have no fire changed the coil still nothing Hope someone can answer this

Changed rotor cap plugs wires coil on 1990 caprice still no spark what could be the problem?

try the moduel

Your 2002 Taurus is misfiring you changed all the plugs and wires but still getting the same code?

check the coil pack

Do today's spark plugs really need changed?

Yes, they still wear out. Most do last 100,000 miles though.

1966 Plymouth Valiant Changed coil spark plugs points and condenser still not getting fire to spark plugs Any ideas?

Check the ballist resister on fire wall !!!!

Changed spark plugs and wires changed fuel filter and still is no gas power when taking off or when on incline 97 sebring JX?

Not sure what other symptoms are present, but if this problem is accompanied by a smooth idle (normal idle) then it could be a bad speed (RPM) sensor. The RPM sensor is about $75 and is located off the camshaft on most Sebrings - your results may vary! Good luck.

I already changed the spark plugs and still the engine check is on and my expedition is shaking WHY?

try changing the spark plug wires also

Are freeze out plugs still used?

Freeze plugs are still used in cars today.

Why is my 1990 Honda accord missing ive changed the plugs and wires and still no luck?

Do a compression test to determine condition of engine internals

How do you check an ignition coil on a 02 ford escape have changed the plugs but engine is still missing?

Have vehicle scanned to determine which coil is bad

How do you fix a 1996 Chrysler Town and Country van that has no spark?

i have changed out the crank sensor, and spark plugs. also i have checked power to the coil pack and still have no spark to the spark plugs. i changed the coil pack as well. i have fuel and i get gas thru the fuel rail. any help.

You've changed the spark plugs on a 1998 Nissan Maxima and the check engine light still goes off What could still be wrong with it?

Try the battery. Sometimes it seems fine but it is really not.

What was the last year of manufacture of Sebring convertibles?

The Sebring model car was first developed by Maserati, related or unrelated, afterwards Chrysler started making it. The Maserati Sebring convertable's last year was 1969, the Chrysler Sebring convertable is still in production today.

What is causing a severe engine shake at idle on a 1997 Chevy Suburban K2500 7.4L V8 It has had new OEM spark plugs plug wires and problem is still the same No check engine light or DTCs either?

bad injector? or bad motor mounts or one contact in distrubutor is broken/dirty

Changed battery ignition module coil still no spark at plugs clio mk1 16valve?

Change crank shaft angle sensor ul get a spark

Were Jay Sebring and Sharon Tate Married?

Tate and Sebring were a couple for a time prior to Tate's marriage to film director Roman Polanski. Supposedly, Sebring still had feelings for Tate but she only had eyes for her husband.

Does Chrysler still make the Sebring convertible?

Yes, Chrysler still makes the Sebring convertible. You can see the 2010 model by visiting this website: Yes, Chrysler even just came out with a 2010 Sebring convertible. You can read about this new car as well as the Sebring in general at

1996 Buick Skylark has a coil system for the plugs is there still a firing order which the plugs have to go in?

Yes, you still need to make sure that the plugs are firing when it's their turn.

Why would your 1996 Plymouth grand voyager still be getting a multiple miss fire reading after you have changed plugs and wires?

you have a bad Computer same thing happened to me

The plugs and wires have been changed in you mercury grand marquis and a new fuel filter has been put on so why does is still sputter and act like it wants to cut off at lights and in park?

Have you changed the air filter too?

1994 Firebird is running rough. I just had the plugs changed but still having problem with it seeming to occasionally backfire What could be possible problems?

I got a 97 Firebird and had a heck of a time trying to get it running smoothly, jackasses at Autozone sold me Platinum plugs when it takes AC Delco Iridium plugs, changed those out along with the Wires and all was well. If you got Iridium plugs then make sure a wire isn't toasted, if you got Iridiums and your wires aren't toasted then go with new ignition coils. And if it still does not work, Throw it in the Gutter and go Get Another!