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Changed timing chain and gear battery water pump ignition components and starter still sounds like battery dead on 1985 305 what else could be wrong?

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2010-04-03 13:24:07

"Grounding" id="Grounding">Grounding

I had a similar problem with my ford about 10 years back maybe this

will help. Check all electrical wires, that may mean unwrapping the

bundles. You may have a serious short to ground somewhere, you may

be able to locate it by disconnecting one component at a time ( IM

thinking alternator or voltage regulator ) and attempting to start

it. In my case two wires were chaffed and touching each other

inside a bundle. check all items that have power when the ignition

is turned on but not to start. ( it may be only when you turn the

key to start something like the starter solenoid but theres not

much that can go wrong otherwise.) You can check your voltage to

see also since a battery with no load will register 13 or 14 volts

and as long as you have a short it will read 11 or 12 volts. Check

also for good grounds, Battery to engine and battery to frame (

engine to frame too to be sure) check the starter motor,sounds to

me like it's dragging.

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