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GroundingI had a similar problem with my Ford about 10 years back maybe this will help. Check all electrical wires, that may mean unwrapping the bundles. You may have a serious short to ground somewhere, you may be able to locate it by disconnecting one component at a time ( IM thinking alternator or voltage regulator ) and attempting to start it. In my case two wires were chaffed and touching each other inside a bundle. check all items that have power when the ignition is turned on but not to start. ( it may be only when you turn the key to start something like the starter solenoid but theres not much that can go wrong otherwise.) You can check your voltage to see also since a battery with no load will register 13 or 14 volts and as long as you have a short it will read 11 or 12 volts. Check also for good grounds, Battery to engine and battery to frame ( engine to frame too to be sure) check the starter motor,sounds to me like it's dragging.
2010-04-03 13:24:07
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What are the major components of the ignition system?

Ignition switch, coils, starter, alternator, spark plugs. plug wires, battery.

Why will your engine not turn over?

- dead battery - starter motor defective - low battery - ignition key problems starter, ignition problems

What is starting system?

Ignition switch, battery, battery cables, starter relay, starter solnoid, starter, flywheel ring gear.

1991 gmc van that will not start the battery is fine and the fuel pump turns on with the key and the battery but it just doesnt even engage the starter could the starter or ignition be out?

Most often it is the starter and not the ignition.

Why will your 1992 Jeep Cherokee not start?

starter, solonoid, ignition, battery. if it clicks when you turn the key then the battery is really dead or its the starter the battery could still be jumped if its the battery.

Can a starter solenoid drain a battery?

Yes, a starter solenoid can drain a battery. When a starter solenoid is not working properly it can actually keep rotating the starter after the car's ignition is turned off. Since it requires a battery to actuate the starter, the battery will eventually be drained of power.

Why would the ignition click but not turn over?

Dead battery, corroded or loose battery or starter cables, defective starter or starter solenoid, loose ground connection.

What starts a car?

The ignition switch completes the circuit of electricity from the battery to the starter that actually turn the engine over and starts it.The ignition switch completes the circuit of electricity from the battery to the starter that actually turn the engine over and starts it.

How do you bypass a starter solenoid?

A starter solenoid can be bypassed by connecting a jumper wire between the battery and ignition posts on the starter. This will cause it to spin immediately without using the ignition switch.

My fingers slipped of the key when I tried to start it and now theres no power to the the ignition I changed the starter battery and the ignition switch and still nothing What could it be?

u might have broke something the actual ignition lock cylinder, that would be my guess from the sounds of it.

What if your 95 cutlass sepreme starter wont click when you turn the ignition?

Seized Engine? Weak or dead battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Bad starter solenoid? Bad starter? Bad neutral safety switch? Bad ignition switch?

Toyota intermittent starter problem changed battery changed starter x 2 changed ignition switch with no help continues to intermittently not start please help?

Check all wires for loose or corroded fittings. A loose or corroded connection can work one day and not the next. My first guess would be the wire to the starter solenoid is loose.

What could be the problem your ignition turns but will not crank the car?

If you battery has plenty of power, either faulty contacts in ignition switch or starter motor, or faulty starter motor.

What does it mean when you Replace starter and when you go to connect cables to battery the starter starts and stays on without key in ignition until you remove cable from battery?

The wires to the starter are probably connected wrong.

My ignition lights come on but car wont turn over?

Starter, battery, battery connections, neutral switch,

What is wrong with a Nissan Altima if when you put your Key in the ignition it will not crank?

Dead battery, faulty starter, or defective ignition switch.

Where is the starter relay on an 86 jetta?

there is no relay for the starter. there is a solenoid (switch) and ignition switch. the solenoid is part of the starter (small cylindrical shape above starter housing. the solenoid has the battery and ignition connections). and the ignition switch is where the car-key goes. you need at least 8v from the ignition to the solenoid for the starter to operate. use a multimeter. otherwise check your starter - battery connections. otherwise replace the starter. otherwise, take off the starter and inspect inside the starter housing. if the starter is clicking but not turning the engine the starter teeth aren't engaging with the teeth on the flywheel. get a manual to the car here:

Is a ignition relay the same as battery starter?

No. The relay is what actuates the starter motor, whenn you turn the key to the start position.

1991 S10 43 drags when starting replaced the starter battery cable to starter and helped for 1 day started but after dragging down the battery and got worse changed battery but still same problem?

Remove the starter and haeit checked at auto parts for amp draw Check the alternator to see if it is keeping the battery charged Check engine ignition timing may be too far advanced

Why will a Toyota corolla with a brand new battery not turn over?

Bad Starter. Bad Starter Relay. Bad Ignition Switch. Bad Ignition Module. Improper Ground.

1993 ford tempo starter won't disengage new starter new starter solenoid new battery any ideas?

Try the ignition switch.or the ignition module located usually near distributer

What happened my 2007 Infiniti m 35 Infiniti will not start with a jump?

We get alot of no start questions, they are difficult to answer because there are many components in starter system, from the key to the ignition key to wiring to relays and the starter motor, oh yeah, the battery could still be the problem, a jump does not eliminate the battery as the problem

What stops your car from cranking?

battery, solenoid/starter or relay or even ignition switch

Your Saturn wont start and its not the starter alternator or battery?

maybe ignitoin or ignition switch

Your 1999 Grand Am will not turn over when you turn the key on?

BAttery?, starter? ignition switch?