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1)Bilaterally symmetrical.

2)Body having 3 layers of tissues with organs and organelles.

3)Body contains no internal cavity.

4)Possesses a blind gut (i.e. it has a mouth but no anus)

5)Has Protonephridial excretory organs instead of an anus.

6)Has normally a nervous system of longitudinal fibres rather than a net.

7)Generally dorsoventrally flattened.

8)Reproduction mostly sexual as hermaphrodites.

9)Mostly they feed on animals and other smaller life forms.

10)Some species occur in all major habitats, including many as parasites of other animals.

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What is the difference between a flat and a round worm?

A ROUND WORM IS round and aflat worm is flat

Give an example of a flat worm round worm and a segmented worm?

Flat Worms:TapewormFlukeSegmented Worm:ArenecolaEarthworm

What is a very thin worm with a flat round disc like head?

flat worm

What does a flat worm look like?

since it is called a flatworm it is flat and it looks like a worm. BLAH

What dog worm is flat and yellow?

it sounds like tapeworm (the only flat worm) but I don't think they are yellow.

What are the main characteristics of worms?

The main characteristics of a worm is -The 2 side of a worm are identical -They are invertebrates -If a worm were to be cut in half it would re-grow

What are some general characteristics of planaria?

planaria is a flat worm which range in size from 3 to 12mm they can reproduce by regeneration has smooth body with no backbone

Why is a flat worm called a flatworm?

Because it's flat!

Is a planarian a flat worm?

yes it is .

What is a planarian?

A planarian is a flat worm.

What is the habitat of a flat worm?


How does the flat worm get inside you?

Flat worms get inside you if you eat uncooked pig because you would be swallowing the worm down your body.

Does worm likes to be in the water?

it depends on the worm itsself There are about 3 kinds of worm.Like worm segement use its legs or moving like a snake. round worm for example mosquito larva it was smallest kind of worm. flat worm live in water have a flat body move by its tail.

Characteristics of a roundworm?

Its round and it is a worm

Is a flat worm a paramecium?

No flat worms are multi cellular paramecium are unicellular

How many openings does a flat worm have?


What is the common name of platyheminthes?

Flat worm.

Is a marine flat worm a parasite?

dude yes

Which animal have flat worm like bodies?


Does a flat worm have a backbone?

A flatworm does not have a backbone. It is an invertebrate.

What does flat worm feed on?

the flatworm feeds on your mom

What is a food source for a flat worm?

Tim's mom

What kind of worm is white and flat and crawls out of dogs butt?

That would be a tape worm. There are medications to remedy this malady.

What kind of animal is a earthworm?

It is a worm. It is its own species. WORMS!There are 3 worms:earthworm, flat worm, and segmented worms. Each containg a couple species of worm in it.

What are Features of a tape worm?

flat small and yellowish - white

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