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Check Engine Light is triggered by a fault with the emissions system. You have a problem with the emissions system. Code is stored in ECU and can be accessed with an OBD2 scan tool. Maintenance Required Light is triggered by mileage and just means service is required, normally oil change.

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Q: Check Engine light is on in your 2003 Mazda Pickup B-2000 Just bought it and had everything checked outIs it triggered by mileage?
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Check engine light Toyota Avalon?

This means that something may be wrong with your engine. Take it in to a mechanic and get everything checked out.

Why does your service engine soon light come on in a 2000 Saturn?

you should have your engine checked out to make sure everything is working well

Whats the average mileage that a Dodge Durango's engine will turn the engine light on?

There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

When your vehicle's engine is checked and maintained as recommended in it's owners manual you may expect to?

When a vehicles engine is maintained as recommended you will have a longer engine life. There will also be less repairs over time, and the fuel mileage will be higher.

By changing the instrument cluster on a 2004 Chrysler Sebring will it change the mileage?

No, the mileage is stored in the body and engine computers.No, the mileage is stored in the body and engine computers.

What could be the reason for your service light on your 95 Volvo 850 is this just for a routine oil change or could it be something serious?

The "Service" light is just a maintenance reminder that is triggered on mileage. The "Check Engine" light is triggered by emissions system problems. Typically the O2 sensors trigger the check engine light but also a fuel cap that is not tightened, or a misfiring cylinder.

What rpm gets the best mileage?

That varies from engine to engine. A rule of thumb is, the slower your speed the better your mileage.

Does a 4.8 Chevy engine or a 5.3 engine get better fuel mileage?

They are about the same in fuel mileage but the 6.0 is thirsty.

How do you turn off engine warning light?

Get your engine checked

Does high mileage mean a lousy engine?

Not necessarily- it all depends upon how well maintained the engine has been, and also whether it's the vehicles' original engine or not. A high-mileage engine that has been well looked after and cared for, will be in a better running condition than a low-mileage one that hasn't. Also, if the vehicle has had a replacement engine fitted, then mileage will be irrelevant anyway as far as the engine's condition is concerned.

What is high mileage for a petrol engine?

It depends on the engine. 100k, 200k, or 300k

Why does your brake light and engin light keep coming off and on everything has been checked?

Take it to Autozone and have them read the check engine error code. That's where you start.

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