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The sister of a friend of mine had a similar thing occur and discovered that the little flap for the gas tank had fallen off or was not closing properly. It's that metal little thing that pushes aside when you insert the nozzle for the gas.

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โˆ™ 2007-08-28 16:33:24
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Q: Check engine light on in 1998 Toyota Corolla - mechanic checked but could find nothing wrong but did replace gas cap however light came back on after clicking the lever to open the gas cap cover?
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You do not adjust the valve clearance on a 2008 Toyota until it has 60000 miles. At that point, you might pay for getting it checked, or check it yourself. However, Corollas normally run 100,000 miles and even longer without any need for adjusting the valve clearance.

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This depends on the year and condition of the car. The current Toyota Corolla is sold as low as $15,900. However, if you want added features, expect to spend at least a couple thousand dollars more.

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or any other car, mostly the AC removes moisture On my 2008 Corolla, the AC light does not light up when the defroster is turned on. However, it DOES appear that the AC compressor is used. (my 2008 is the same as 2003 thru 2007, it is not the redesigned Corolla which an 09 in the USA.)

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