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The water to be tested is usually filled with a bottle having H2S strip. If it turns black, then the water is not fit for human consumption.

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Checking the bacterial contamination in drinking water by testing sulphide ion?

hi there you you can add a water purefying machine to your taps and filter out bacterial contaminates,cholrine,fluride ect . this will make your water very clean and contaminat free for human consumption if you want to find out more info here trevordye.org Thanks trevor dye

project report on Checking the bacterial contamination in drinking water by sulphide ion?

To check for sulbe tested is filled sulphide ion contamination of drinking water, the water to be tested is filled in a bottle with a H2S strip. This sample is put in an incubator for 16 hours. If the test strip comes back black, the water is not fit for consumption.

What is the formula for lead sulphide?

The formula for Lead Sulfide (or Lead Sulphide) is either: PbS for Lead(II) Sulphide, or PbS2 for Lead(IV) Sulphide.

What is the valency of hydrogen sulphide?

Hydrogen sulphide is neutral.

Is tin sulphide a compound a mixture or an element?

well, iron sulphide is a compound so tin sulphide proberly is.

What is sulphide?

sulphide is a compound of sulphur and one other element

What is the formula of iron sulphide?

FeS is the formula for Iron sulphide.

Is the hydrogen sulphide ionic compounds?

No. Hydrogen sulphide is covalent.

Is iron sulphide a conductor of heat?

No, Iron sulphide is an insulator.

What charge does sulfide have?

The charge that sulphide has will depend in its state. Sulphide in itself does not have any charge but sulphide ion has a negative charge.

What has the author R Sadler written?

R. Sadler has written: 'An introduction to the biochemistry of bacterial sulphide production' -- subject(s): Metabolism, Microbial metabolism, Sulphides, Sulphur, Sulphur bacteria

What makes iron sulphide?

Iron and sulphur make iron sulphide

What is iron sulphide?

iron sulphide is a compound formed by iron and sulphur

What is the chemical formula for hydrogen sulphide?

The formula for hydrogen sulphide is H2S.

How can you make iron sulphide?

you react together iron , sulphide and oxygen

What does FeS stand for in science?

It stands for ferrous sulphide or iron sulphide.

Why is the difference between iron II sulphide and iron sulphide?

Iron(II) sulphide: FeS. Iron sulphide is a synonym, but the first expression is more correct. Iron(III) sulphide: Fe2S3. Other forms of natural iron sulphides are known: see the link below.

What is the chemical formula for tin sulphide?

The chemical formula for tin sulphide is SnS

What is the chemical formula of calcium sulphide?

The chemical formula for calcium sulphide is CaS

What compound is this CuS?

CuS is known as copper(II) sulphide or Cupric sulphide.

What is the chemical formula for beryllium sulphide?

The chemical formula for Beryllium sulphide is Be2S2

Out of element and compound what is zinc sulphide?

The zinc sulphide (ZnS) is a chemical compound.

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