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Chemical change from solid to liquid?


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September 12, 2011 2:58PM

Not exaclty... A chemical change is anything that changes the chemical compound... Example... Water avaportating.... A physical Change is just changeing apperance... Example... Ripping a piece of paper Its still paper right?...

^wrong, im in grade nine and even i know that's wrong. water evaporating* is completely a physical change. a chemical change is a change that you cannot change back and diffrent particles are chemically combined. for example cooking a pancake, there is no way to make that pancake back into the the powder and water again, it is irreversable. a physical change is something that can be reversable and it isn't just changing appereance it can be changing states as well, water evaportating is a physical change because the vapor can be turned back into the liquid water, as well as water freezing into ice is a physical change because you can melt it and bring it back to its origanal state. you can have solid precipitate forming out of liquids for example potassium iodine mixed with lead nitrate will give you a yellow liquid with white flakes called solid precipitates.