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Chemical structure for salt?

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what is the chemical structure for salt?

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Do table salt and sea salt have the same molecular structure?

The structure, chemical formula unit and properties are the same.

What is the difference between salt and quartz?

Salt and quartz are both crystalline structures of chemical compounds. Salt is the crystalline structure of NaCl and quartz has the chemical formula of SiO4.

Why is salt dissolving a physical property?

By dissolution the chemical structure is not modified.

What is the structure and bonding of Zeise's salt?

The chemical formula of Zeise salt is K[PtCl3(C2H4)]·H2O.

Does salt dissolve in water faster than sugar?

yes.The chemical structure of salt(NaCl) is simpler than that of the sugar (C6H12O6)

What can identify salt?

The chemical composition, the crystalline structure, the taste, the melting and boiling point etc.

Is salt water a mineral?

No. a mineral is a compound of fixed chemical composition and of fixed crystal structure.

Does salt change its structure and composition after a reaction?

After a chemical reaction any compound is transformed in other compound.

Is Salt a chemical element?

No, salt is a chemical compound.

What is similar in chemical structure to testosterone?

Chemical structure is more stronger than testosterone structure is testostrone is weaker than chemical structure.

Chemical structure of sugar is?

the chemical structure of sugar is C12H22O11

Is salt a chemical or physical property?

Salt is a chemical compound. It has chemical and physical properties.

Is mixing an acid and base to produce water and a salt chemical or physical change?

Since new products are formed, there must have been a change in energy and chemical structure. This means it's a chemical change.

Is salt a chemical reaction?

A salt is a type of chemical compound, not a reaction.

What type of chemical in salt?

It depends what salt your thinking of. If your thinking about table salt (the salt we put in food) then the chemical is sodium chloride

Why is table salt a mineral?

The mineral halite (table salt) meets all the requirements for being defined as a mineral in that it is naturally occurring, a solid, has a chemical formula, has a crystalline structure, and is inorganic.

How do you write the chemical formula for salt?

The chemical formula for table salt is NaCl.

What kind of chemical change is salt water?

Salt water is not a chemical change.

Chemical structure of polyethylene co acrylic acid?

Chemical structure of polyethylene?

Is DNA is chemical not a structure?

DNA is a complex chemical with a double-helix structure.

What is the chemical formula of common salt?

The chemical formula of common salt (table salt) is Sodium Chloride (NaCl).

What is the chemical formula for seasoned salt?

The chemical formula of salt is NaCl; seasoned salt has other additives added.

What is the chemical structure of Neodymium?

neodymium is an element, it doesn't have a "chemical" structure are you actually looking for its electron shell structure?

What is the chemical formula for sugar and salt?

The chemical formula of salt is NaCl. The chemical formula of sugar (sucrose) is C12H22O11.

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