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i had the same problem with my 350 Chevy and it drove me crazy i finally figured out it was the pick up coil. $12.00 at murrays i spent $1000 on everything else to get to that point.

When an engine turns over but will not start you must start at the beginning. You have battery and now you need fuel, spark, and compression. Many things can effect the lack of these things but there is many different things that could go wrong in these systems. Check each one individually.

FUEL, SPARK , COMPRESSION only three things needed for an internal combustion engine.

You may also want to make sure your distributer isn't 180 out.

Was there a new timing chain installed? If so, there is a chance that the timing marks aren't lined up correctly, or they were set with the #6 cylinder at TDC and not the #1 cylinder.

One senario, If your running a Holley carb, Chances are your cam is real high in compression (modified cam) and holleys come stock with the standard 6.5 Power valve. you change that out to a 3.5 and the back firing will cease. Had this same problem with a new 454, sounds so familiar.. Your story is just like my quest, turns out to be a 8.00 part..

How are your valves adjusted too tight and it will back fire and not start, adjust to 0 lash then half turn.

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Q: Chevy 350 turns over but it will not start. Timing compression new wiring in place carb is spitting out not in shooting fire up. Turning dist. 180 it then backfires. New Heads cam installed?
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