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china's popular sports and pastimes

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Q: China's popular sports and pastimes
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What are some popular sports and pastimes in china?

There are a variety of popular sports and pastimes in China. Some of these include bicycling, basketball, as well as table tennis.

What are popular sports and pastimes in china?

The popular sports are cycling and ping pong and pastimes include kite flying, mah jong and gambling done in China.

What are the pastimes in Haiti?

Card games , sports , gambling and dominoes are popular pastimes, soccer is the most popular sport in Haiti.

What are England's most popular sports?

England's most popular sports and pastimes are football-soccer, cricket, and tennis.

What were the popular sports and pastimes of America in 1980?

baseball is Americas pastime

What are the popular sports and pastimes in Libya?

it is mainly soccer and also boating

Popular sports and pastimes in Italy?

Soccer as we call it in America is very popular sport in Italy.

In Japan popular sports and pastimes?

martial arts, calligraphy, karoke, drawing-manga and animae, pinball, rollerblading, etc.hope this helps :)There popular sports is ''TENNIS'' and there pastimes are ''Street fight'' ''thumb wrestling'' and ''Slap circle''

What are famous Dutch pastimes?

Sports are important Dutch pastimes in the Netherlands. Famous sports include tennis, football, gymnastics, and golf. Other popular Dutch sports include rugby cycling, korfball, and cricket.

Elizabethan sports and pastimes?

They did bear baiting and dog and cock fighting. Also archery and wrestling were popular.

What are the release dates for Australian Sports and Pastimes - 1908?

Australian Sports and Pastimes - 1908 was released on: USA: July 1908

What are favorite pastimes in Luxembourg?


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