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Q: Choose the correct answer.What variable is influenced by the variable that is manipulated?
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What is a measurable variable?

responding variable is the correct term. It mean a respond form what you manipulated.

What is the correct way to spell manipulated?

It is spelled manipulated.

How do you spell manipulated?

That is the correct spelling of "manipulated" (controlled or induced).

What is variable what is controlled variable what is manipulated variable What is constant variable?

Variable is, logically, something that varies, that is to say, is not constant over time. Controlled variable, in the control field theory, is a variable measure that is, or that needs to be, controlled. Like a voltage that you need to keep under 10Volts because some devices in the setup have an amplitude limitation. Manipulated variable is usually a measure, a variable that you can measure. For example, if you can measure the voltage in the experimental setup then you can manipulate it, like using it to power a device. Constant variable, i think this is not very correct, a mathematician's opinion might be needed. For me is a variable, thus something that is variable over time, that under certain conditions becomes constant, thus stops varying according to time.

How do you spell influenced?

That is the correct spelling of "influenced" (affected, changed).

A is a number a variable or a product of a number and a variable?

The correct answer is Monomial , but you can say Term

What is a catagoric variable?

The correct term and spelling is categorical variable. A categorical variable is a variable that has two or more categories with no essential ordering to the categories they have. They are also referred to as a nominal variable or enumerated types.

What does a constant do in c plus plus?

A constant is a variable that does not change. The correct term is constant variable.

Why does a Percent correct on a memory task is an example of a variable with a scale of measurement and is a numerical observation.?

Why does a Percent correct on a memory task is an example of a variable with a scale of measurement and is a numerical observation.?

What type of diode is used as a variable capacitor?

varactor diode is a correct answer

How do you declare correct variable in c?

we can declare a variable using the following syntax datatype variablename; actually variable is the name given to the memory location which store values.

What is the responding variable also called?

independent variable p.s. im pretty sure but idk you shouldnt put info if you dont know about it ;/ the correct answer is the dependent variable

How can you influenced senior management in an important decision for the organization?

Learn correct grammar...

What could happen if a scientist does not conduct a controlled variable?

you might not get the experiment correct (:

The correct syntax for setting the BOB variable to the contents of the JOE variable in the Bourne shell?


What form of government from ancient Greece most influenced the government of the US?

Democracy is the correct answer

What is the correct order in which polynomials be always written?

put the variable that has the highest degree first.

How do you spell coefficent?

The correct spelling is "coefficient" (a co-value, such as an integer used with a variable).

In a line graph which is the independent variable and which is the dependent variable?

The independent variable is plotted on the horizontal axis, or x axis. The dependent variable, or response variable is plotted on the vertical axis, or y axis.

Is it true that a variable is a storage location in memory that is represented by a name and can hold different values during the execution of the program?

Yes, this is correct. In terms of the compiled machine language, the variable represents a memory location. So, anytime the variable is referenced, and you either set the variable to a value, or retrieve a value from the variable, you are actually referencing the memory location pointed to by the variable.

What three early civilizations influenced North Africa?

Egyptain, Roman , and the Middle eastern civilization influenced North Africa!!! =] and i know a correct lol trust me =]

Is it correct to say 'incited by' something?

You might want to say that a person or an experience influenced your behavior.

What is it important to use the same amount of water each time you conducted the experiment?

It is important to use the same amount of water each time you conduct the experiment because if you change more than 1 thing in an experiment, then you can't know the true result because you tested too many things. You need all controlled variables in an experiment except for 1 manipulated variable.

How do you spell exponent?

That is the correct spelling of "exponent" (an advocate, or the numerical power to which a number or variable is raised)

What is the correct way to add 1 to the count variable in php?

There are several ways to increment a variable:$count = $count +1;$count += 1;$count++;++$count;