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Sara found Sable hiding in the bushes.

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An Ounce of Cure is about a grown woman retelling the story of an event that happened when she was younger. The theme of the story is mainly about maturity.

An event is what happens in the story.

The event of a story are the important things that happen during the story.

The inciting event is the event in the story (normally at the beginning) that causes the whole story to happen. If that event didn't happen then there would be no story

Whatever happens in a story, any event in that plot would be a plot event

The story of Star Wars goes chronologically from episode one through episode six, in numerical order.

Reference back to a previous event in the chronology of a story?

In a work of fiction, someone is telling you a story. It may be a narrator who is never identified, or it may be a character in the story, who is saying in effect, this is what happened to me. In any event, someone is telling the story, and that person has a point of view.

A historical genre is a book or a film set in a past historic event which is telling the story of something that happened there like Schindlers List or Troy. (:

An objective point of view is basically the point of view of someone who was unrelated to the event or story. An objective view is one that has no bias in the event, it simply tells the story as it happened. For example, a story being told by a narrator instead of one of the characters or through the eyes of one of the characters, is being told with an objective point of view.

The story happened in the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain.

what happened to story the soul og the great bell

It is not always true if his story isn't straight. It could be that the story actually happened.

The title comes last. First, finish your short story, then your title will come from something you wrote in the story. If you honestly cannot find anything in your writing that makes a good title, you can choose a famous quotation or song lyric that has something to do with what happened in your story.

Here's how to make a story from a news event:Pick a good news story from the internet or your local paperFind out the basic details involved in the story - remember your 4 W's (Who? What? When? Where? and Why?)Think about what might have happened to cause this story - What were the people doing? Why might they have gotten into the situation? What happened before the story, and after it?Pretend you're telling your story to a friend and just write down what you would say.You might also change the basic facts of the event around to become fiction - for example, if you read a story about a local shop being robbed by a man, you might change it to a jewelry store or a bank instead, and have a gang committing the crime.

It is part of the story. So don't worry about having to go to an event

This depends on what the story is - if the date the event happened has nothing to do with the story itself, then certainly you should leave it out. Any information that does not actually tell the story should be left out because it just clutters things up.However, if the date is important to your story - say, your character is planning to meet his mother in front of the World Trade Centre on September 9, 2001 - then you will need to tell the date.

The climax is the "peak" or main event of a story.

The event of the removal of eyelids happened in the movie. However I seriously doubt it happened in real life. 'based on a true story' is a rough way of saying 'some things in this movie might be real, but most of them are not', for example; the spirit photography has happened in real life.

The main event is the most important part in the story.

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