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Choose the best meaning for this suffix. -itis?

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Suffering from [a medical condition].

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- Itis is the suffix meaning Inflammation-itisThe medical term for inflammation is actually the suffix, "itis" as in arthritis (inflamation of the joints), encelphalitis (inflammation of the brain), and blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids), et. al.-itis-itis

phled- meaning vein and itis- meaning inflammation

"Col" refers to the colon, and "-itis" is a suffix meaning "inflammation."

poliomyel (meaning the gray matter of the spinal cord). -itis is the suffix meaning inflammation.

dermatitis inflammation of the skin derm is the root word and means skin derm/a root combining form is the letter derm/a/ itis suffix (itis) meaning inflammation

In medicine, the suffix "itis" means "inflammation".

The suffix -itis refers to swelling or inflammation. Also, the root -edema which comes from the Greek word oidema also refers to swelling.

elephantitis-the inflamation of the leg. srepititis- the inflamation of the throat.

The meaning of "get home itis" might be Homesickness.

Pharyngitis is inflammation of the pharynx or "sore throat"the -"itis" suffix means inflammation.

As I understand it the suffix "-itis" is used when regarding an inflammation. * Tonsilitis: an inflammation of the tonsils * Laryngitis: an inflammation of the larynx * Bronchitis: an inflammation of the bronchus

The suffix "itis" is from Greek and is used in pathology to denote inflammation of an organ, as in appendicitis, gastritis.

gastr = root enter = root itis = suffix

Otitis. It is the combination of the Greek word otikos (belonging of the ear) with the suffix itis meaning inflammation.

Vulvitis means inflammation of the vulva.vulvitis (the suffix -itis in medicine means "inflammation of")

The inflammation of a nerve is neuritis.The suffix -itis means "inflammation of."The prefix neur- means "nerve."

A morpheme added at the end of a word to form a derivative (e.g. -ation, -fy, -ing, -itis ).

Appendicitis, from the appendix, which is a pouch and itis, which is the suffix used to denote an inflammation. Another possible answer is diverticulitis, where a diverticulum is a blind pouch in a tubular organ, and itis, again, means inflammation.

"-Itis" refers to inflammation. For example, appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix. Another example is cholecystitis, which is an inflammation of the gallbladder.

The Latin suffix for inflammation is -itis

'osteo' is the prefix. 'arthro' is the root. 'itis' is the suffix. Together, it's osteoarthritis.

osteitis... Oste/o is the combining form for bone and -itis is the suffix for inflammation.I believe it's called osteomyelitis.

Rhinitis has no prefix. It has the word root "rhin-" and the suffix "-itis."

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