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Q: Chrictian imagery in the book The Old Man and the Sea?
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What does Manolin mean?

Manolin actually translates into messiah. If you are referring to the book The Old Man and the Sea Hemmingway uses him as part of his religious imagery

What is the characters name in the book the little old man who couldn't read?

The book never says his name. It just says Old Man or Little Old Man.

Who is the old man that appears in montags head?

Faber is the old man that talks to Montag in the book

Who is the skeleton man in the book Sammy Keyes an the Skeleton Man?

The old book shop keeper. But I forgot the name.

Who is the author of the book The Blind Man the Deaf Man and the Donkey?

Actually, the Blind Man, the Deaf Man and the Donkey is a chapter in the book 'Old Deccan Days' by Mary Frere. It is the 18th chapter in this book.

What is a good gift for an Old Man with no hobbies?

a book

What does cardel mean in the book The Old Man and the Sea?

fishing line

Who is Skeleton Man in the book Skeleton man?

In the book "Skeleton man" an old dude claims to be molly's uncle. But of course he was lieing. He was skeeton man, and he wanted to eat molly, so that's why he claimed to be her uncle. very boring book!

What Old Testament book is about the sufferings of one man?

The Book of Job tells of the trials of Job.

How recent are the satellite pictures on Google Maps?

Satellite imagery in Google Maps is on average 3 years old. Sometimes newer imagery is available with Historical imagery enabled.

What did Santiago drink in the book 'The Old Man and the Sea'?


What is a funny book idea?

About an old man losing his cane...

In the book The Old Man and the Sea what is the fish a symbol of?


How old is lil man from book roll of thunder?


What Old Testament person was the strongest man on earth?

In the old testament ,and in the book of judges samson was the strongest man on earth, his strength was in his hair.

Who is Martin in The Old Man and the Sea?

The proprietor of one of the local shops/taverns, I believe he is mentioned in the beginning and end of the book. He gave the old man Santiago free coffee and comforted Manolin at the end of the book.

What book did Prince Charles read on Jackanory?

It was his own book - The Old Man of Lochnagar

Their Eyes Were Watching God how old is Logan?

The book does not say. It only says he's an old man.

What is the first memory that the old man gives to Jonas in the book THE GIVER?

In the book the giver what was the first memory that the old man gives to jonas ? why do you think he chose this memory

In the book a single shard why did Crane-man live under the bridge?

because he was an old homeless crippled man

How was anger shown throughout the book The Tell-Tale Heart?

First, the protagonist hates the eye of the old man, but he loved the old man. The eye was the reason he killed him. In the book, it even says how the protagonist ". . . grew furious at it." The heart of the old man also angered the protagonist. At the very end, the man's anger grows because he thinks the policemen know about the beating and are mocking him.

How would you write a sentence with imagery in it?

Be very descriptive. Ex: Not Imagery - Jane owns a soccer ball. Imagery - Jane owns an old, worn down, and grass stained blue and red soccer ball.

Can you view old maps from 2000 to 2005 in Google Maps or earth Very important please reply?

Google Maps doesn't allow you to see old imagery but using Google Earth you can enable historical imagery in the View menu and pick the time period in the time slider that appears.However, availability is location-specific so you may find imagery for a given year in one area and not another. Whenever Google updates its imagery typically the older imagery will become available under historical imagery.Historical imagery feature is not yet available for Street View imagery -- only satellite and aerial imagery.

In the book Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry how old is Little Man?

Little man is 7 years old and is in first grade. He is the youngest out of the 4 Logan children.

In the book The Old Man and the Sea what is the name of the elderly Cuban fisherman?