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Could be a blown head gasket or the piston rings Could be a blown head gasket or the piston rings

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Q: Chrysler cirrus has power loss going up hill?
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What causes power loss in a grand prix going up a hill?

what cause a grand prix to not have a lot of power going up a hill or free way? It may be in need of a tune up including air and fuel filters.

Are car lacks power specially while going up hill?

There could be many reasons why a car will lack power when going up a hill. The car could need a tune up or the transmission maybe having problems.

1986 Nissan pickup loss of power going up hill?

replace fuel filter

Why does your transit lose power going up hills?

Generally when we are going up hill because of the gravity pull, more power is needed. So when traveling uphill more power is needed than downhill.

Why when your car goes up a hill it loses power?

It loses power because going uphill is harder then going downhill therefore causing it to use more gas and then making it lose power bit by bit.

What would make a 1994 Trooper to lose power when it is going up a hill and spark knock?

If a 1994 Trooper loses power going up hill and has a spark knock in the engine, the compression of the engine should be checked. It is possible that the vehicle is not running on all of its cylinders.

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How do you know if the fuel pump is going out in a Ford F-150 V 8 Triton?

lacks power going up hill

What would cause a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo to lose power when accelerating while going up hill?

There are several reasons that made cause an automobile to lose power going up a hill. The most common reason is a lack of fuel, caused by a plugged fuel filter.

Why does a 2000 Daewoo Lanos lose power when driving up a steep hill?

Because its trying to defy gravity.. lol The fact that its going up hill, kind of explains it.

Why does legacy 94 lose power going up hill then check engine light comes on?

check the code it has your answer dummy

Citroen c3 fault code p1162?

i wander if you could help me. I have just bought a citreon c3 sx and when going up hill i lose power and when going round bends on a hill. If i stop at a juntion on ia hill it take time for me to pick up power. i have had the coil replaced and at first it seem to be a little bit better. could you please adives Many Thanks Barry

Why does your Daewoo cut out when going up a hill?

most daewoo lanos's will only cut out on an extremely steep hill and if you are goin up a steep hill u should use the power button that is located on the gearstick of an automatic if it is a manual im sorry but i can not help you.

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Why does car lose power going up hill full tank?

check your fuel filter, injectors, catalydic converter, if it has a Carb. check it

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No power going up hill rough idle?

Vacuum leak, defective spark plugs or wires. Vacuum leak would be the #1 suspect.

What would cause to sputter and lose power when going up hill?

1997 ford econoline wail traveling up hill looses looks like gass doesn't go through..the van kinda holdsup..what can it be

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