Cigarette lighter fuse for a 2002 Ford Focus?

Hi , Not sure how long this question has been posted for But I have success!!!!
For the cigarette lighter fuse on UK models ford focus there is another 'hidden' fuse box behind the glove box.
Just unscrew three screws at the hinge of the glove box and bobs your uncle. Replace fuse 35 which is a 15amp fuse.
Hope this helps . And just one question for fun >> Why would you put the fuses there out of sight ??????
Simon the saviour .lol
Mine got short-circuited when a phone charger broke inside it. April 1 2009 - not an April Fool, on my 2002 diesel Focus, I open the glove box door, then pull it out further (squeezing the sides), then can access fuses, on my version it's fuse 47, not 35. It was 20 amp (but I can't find the handbook so I don't know if it's supposed to be 20A). I live in Ireland, so it's probably a UK model, I don't know why it's different to Simon's.

I just replaced this for a 2005 Ford Focus and sure enough it was behind the little storage compartment on the left hand side of the steering wheel. We store CD cases in it. I pinched the two side walls together and the door opened wide and exposed the fuse panel. For this model it was Fuse #47 and it was for 20 amps. Replaced it and now things are working again.
Thanks for the above info, we also do not have the manual, so this made it a snap to fix.