Clean a dog's ears?

The question is a bit vague, did you want to know about if you should clean the ears? or how to go about cleaning? So to answer both, yes dogs need their ears cleaned. There are several methods.
If you are not comfortable in doing so yourself you can take the dog to your vet or even a dog grooming shop. To clean the dogs ear you can use cotton balls, or a soft cloth and a q-tip but extreme caution is needed for the q-tip.
There are cleaning solutions available at your local grocery store or pet store, or you can use hydrogen peroxide. Moisten the cotton ball and gently wipe the inside of the ear. Do not go deep, it will hurt much like cleaning your own ear! A small amount of dirt is normal. If you see yellow or mass amounts of dark brown discharge, it is likely the dog has an ear infection. Also while inspecting the ear feel for excess heat and look for redness. These are also indicators that the dog will need to seek veterinary care. Dog ear aches hurt much like humans so do not procrastinate in taking your dog in for a check up if you see signs of an infection. Often times a simple antibiotic and regular cleaning solution will clear it up. Laura with