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the Climate of temperate evergreen forests is quite hot.

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Q: Climate of temperate evergreen forests?
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What is the climate of cold temperate evergreen forests?

well it is cold and windy.Sometimes sunny and rainy.

What is temperate evergreen forest?

A temperate evergreen forest is a type of ecosystem. They are different than regular evergreen forests because they are comprised of both soft and hard trees and have a moderate climate.

What climate has evergreen forest vegetation?

The Evergreen Forest Vegetation are mainly in the Tropics. This temperate forests originated during the period of cooling of world climate.

What is the type of wildlife found in the temperate evergreen forests?

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Animals found in temperate evergreen forests?

There are many animals that are found in the temperate evergreen forests. These animals includes the accentor, the African buffalo , the anole and the bee-eater.

What biome are the evergreen trees apart of?

temperate rain forests

Where are evergreen forests located?

the temperate evergreen forest are located in the mid-latitudinal coastal region.

What is the climate in the evergreen forests?

hot & humid

What percentage does temperate evergreen forests cover earths surface?


What is the tropical evergreen forests climate?

hot and rainy

Types of trees found in temperate evergreen forests?

oaks , laurels , magnolias

Birds found in temperate evergreen forests?

blue jays, owls and cardinals

What are the location of temperate evergreen forests?

they are found in Asian-russia, Canada and northern scandinvia.

What are three types of forests biomes?

Temperate/deciduous, evergreen forest, rain forest.

What kind of plant life are in temperate evergreen forests?

Temperate evergreen forests are populated by trees with needle like leaves and some broad leaf trees, such as pine, cedar and redwood. The term evergreen came from the fact that the vast majority of trees in the forest don't shed their leaves in winter

What is the climate in the tropical evergreen forests?

hot and humid throughout the year

Which ecosystem usually supports thick forests of deciduous trees?

The temperate climate, or temperate forest.

What is the climate of the deciduous forest-?

Deciduous forests are generally found in the temperate climate areas.

What type of tree is found in temperate forests and keeps its leaves year-round?

Evergreen Trees

What are the biotic factors in the Temperate forests?

the weather changes everything and climate

Do wolves live In temperate forests?

Yes.No, wolves prefer a climate of cold winters.

What is the main difference between temperate forest and equatorial forest?

Location is one of the differences between temoerate forests and equatorial forests. Temperate forests can be found in the milder, temperate zones and equatorial forests are found near or on the equator. The climate of the equatorial forests is hotter than that of temperate forests. Vegetation and wildlife would also be different in the two types of forests.

How many trees in Mexico?

Literally, millions. 63% of the Mexican territory - almost two times the size of Texas - is covered by forests of many kinds, including scrub forests (arid climate), boreal, temperate and subtropical highland forests (temperate climate) and tropical rainforests (warm climate).

The land of maximum biodiversity is tropical or temperate or monsoonal or equatorial?

tropical rain forests are known as tropiacal evergreen i think the answer is probably tropical

Is there rain forest in Pakistan?

The following forest types are found in Pakistan:Littoral and Swamp forestsTropical dry deciduous forestsTropical thorn forestsSub-tropical broad-leaved evergreen forestsSub-tropical pine forestsHimalayan moist temperate forestsHimalayan dry temperate forestsSub-alpine forestsAlpine scrubno rain forests.