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clothes washer wont agiate but will spin

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โˆ™ 2009-08-26 13:15:41
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Q: Clothes washer won't agitate but will spin?
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Why wont your washing machine agitate but it will spin?

May be a wigwag problem - one of the coils went bad. Not joking - google it- I had this problem.

Ge washer wont spin or drain?

check the lid switch it is under the top of the washer and is usually activated by a pin attached to the lid of the washer

Is there a reset button on a Frigidaire affinity washer?

my frigidaire affinity washer wont drain

Why does your Whirlpool washer make a clunking noise and wont spin all the way out?

this usually happens because the weight of the cloths in the machine arnt distributed evenly or there are just too many close in that load.

Your spin dragonoid wont spin what should i do?

Tell them they're cheap idiots and get your money back.

Your tires wont spin after getting stuck in snow Got it out but now truck starts but will not move and tires wont spin. what is wrong?

its either the trans or case

How much antifreeze should you put in washing machine?

Use RV type anti freeze. It wont hurt the hoses or the plastic parts. To be safe buy 2 gallons. First set your washer to fill on warm wash with out it being hooked to a water supply. Blow air through both supply hoses to blow water from the fill valves and lines. Then set your washer so it will spin. Let it spin once to discharge as much water as you can. Then empty both gallons of RV anti freeze in to the tub. Set it to spin again and let it spin through a cycle. Then just put it away and forget it. When you put it back in use, let the tub fill (no clothes, full load) with warm water, and run it through a cycle all the way through a spin. The anti freeze is ok for your septic, and the water only cycle will clear the washer so you may use it.

What do you do if a mp3 player goes through the washer and dryer?

It probably wont work from the washer, but you can try charging it to see if it works

Why wont a 2000 Malibu washer pump work?

If you don't hear it running when you press the washer button the motor is probably burnt out.

Why wont my front window washer on a Renault espaces work?

There are Two separate motors for your window washer one for the front one for the rear, they are both in the window screen washer bottle at the bottom.

How do you remove cooking oil stains from patio?

pressure washer ***follow the intructions on your pressure washer so you wont damage you patio, use the correct nozzle***

Why wont supply valve for toilet shut off after valve is closed?

It needs a new washer in it.

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