Cm punk heel?

Yep his heel alright. yeah sure at the bash we was still face. but if he was still a face he would not try get himself counted out at Night Of Champions yeah he might not be one yet but it might happen this week or before summerslam he will most probably then became a full blooded heel. so his more like making a very slow heel turn. but it will happen very soon. he needs i say because he is more funnier as a heel. as a face he is boring. so with that these are the people in my opinion who will turn 1)Edge (Face) when he returns 2) CM Punk (Heel) he is still turning 3) Ted DiBiase Cody Rhodes (Face) 4) Christian (Heel) he looks like his turning heel.he will probably go to smackdown and alliance himself with Big Show and Chris Jericho