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Sure that's not a serial no? My guess is five figures in US$

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Who makes Italy fie black powder pistol patent number 7666?

make should be stamped on pistol

Is a 1843 colt black powder pistol engraved by w l ormsby serial number 49844 an original or a replica?

read what is on the barrel. it will tell you who made...................

Sn 63481 engaged may 1843 black powder pistol?

Provide a detailed description of ALL markings and condition.

1860 Colt Black Powder Pistol engraved by W L Ormsby on May 16 1843 sailboats on cylinder how much is it worth?

depends if original and overall condition. Inquire at:

What is the value of Connecticut Valley Arms replica of Colt 45 black powder pistol serial number 58394 engraved by W L Ormsby with sailboats on cylinder worth?

100-400 USD

1843 Colt Black Powder Pistol engraved by W L Ormsby on May 16 1843 sailboats can you get parts?

new Internals can be bought at, if you are looking for original parts try or

What is the value of a jukar Spain 45 black powder pistol serial?

what is the value of a jukar black powder pistol 007806

Do you need a pistol permit to buy a black powder pistol in NC?


What is a percussion pistol?

A muzzle loading pistol using a cap to ignite the powder charge

Price check on a 1847 Black Powder pistol a 44 mag model SMR engraved by W L Ormsby serial number a96945?

The 44 Magnum was never a black powder cartridge, and was not invented in 1847 (Well into the 29th century). If you can give a more accurate description, we may be able to help- or have a firearms dealer take a look, and see what you have.

How much powder do you put in a traditional black powder pistol?

Depends on the caliber. A .45 caliber pistol uses about 40 grains of black powder. Contact the maker's website and download the owner's manual for YOUR gun.

Can you buy a black powder pistol on line in Washington?


How much is a 1843 may16 serial no 560320 black powder .44 cal pistol engraved by w.l. ormsby. New York made in Italy f.llipietta worth?

about $279. if it is bran spankin new. Since you can still buy it at cabellas for that price. It is a reproduction. I have the same one....bought it about 3 months ago, same 16MAY1843 and wl ormsby New York engravings on the cylinder and Italy markings on the barrel

Black powder 32 caliber navy pistol pantent n engaged May 16 1843 has on trigger guard 600 picture of three ships water and flag?

What's the fricken question??

What is the value of a colt 44 serial number 341783 it also says f.llipietta patent sept 10 1850 and engaged May 16 1843 use black powder only.?

50-150 usd

Instructions on how to take apart a black powder pistol?

Which one?

In the state of Florida can a convicted felon own a black powder pistol?

No a convicted felon can not own any type of projectile firearm. A black powder pistol is still a firearm. no it is a firearm

Who invented flash powder?

Flash powder was invented by a man named Joshua Lionel Cowen. He registered for a patent in 1899 for the flash powder to be used in photography.

How much is a old black powder only 45 cal long barrel pistol worth?

How much is a old black powder only 45 cal long barrel pistol worth?

What will you need to reolad Pistol ammunition in addition to a press?

Brass, primers, powder, projectiles, powder, reloading manual

How much powder do you use in a 32 cal black powder pistol?

First, find a copy of the owner's manual for YOUR pistol. Second, use ONLY black powder, or a modern black powder substitute, such as Pyrodex. The ROUGH rule of thumb is one half the bore diameter in grains of powder. A .32 cal would use ABOUT 12-16 grains of powder.

Who makes this black powder pistol serial?

More information is needed.

What is the value of a black powder pistol E 4494?


Do you need a permit for black powder pistol?

yes, in some states

Mendi Spain 12mm black powder pistol 24312?

Cheaper Kentucky style pistol, 12mm is equal to .47 caliber, but they seem to be smaller than that. The apox. worth is 75.00. Not a target pistol, but fun to shoot, 20 grains of powder is a good size load.