Come tradurre in inglese 'Il fiore non ti scordar mai di me'?

Flower, you never remember me or Flower, don't you ever remember me may be English equivalents of 'Il fiore, non ti scordar mai di me'. The masculine definite article 'il' means 'the'. The masculine noun 'fiore' means 'flower'. The adverb 'non' means 'not'. The reflexive pronoun 'ti' means 'yourself'. The infinitive 'scordare'* means 'to remember'. The adverb 'mai' means 'ever'. The preposition 'di' means 'of'. The personal pronoun 'me' means 'me'. All together, they're pronounced 'eel FYOH-reh nohn tee SKOHR-dahr meye** Dee meh'.

*The vowel 'e' of 'scordare' may drop for prose, poetic, musical or conversational reasons.

**The sound 'eye' is similar to the sound in the English noun 'eye'.