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== == Well first off Virginia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are the only Commonwealths in the United States. If you are on bond that just means you don't have to wait in jail for the trail to begin. A preliminary hearing has nothing to do with the Grand Jury. A preliminary hearing is a criminal hearing to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to prosecute an accused person. A grand jury serves or may serve only two distinct functions. First is a screening function where the grand jury evaluates evidence supporting possible charges and returns an indictment, if evidences suffices to it. A grand jury only has to find a preponderance of evidence, not like a traditional jury that has to find beyond a reasonable doubt. The other function of a grand jury is to develop information that is of value in determining whether grounds for a charge exist. Essential the same function except one they return an indictment basically saying there is enough evidence against you to go to trail. An indictment does not mean you will be brought to trail or arrested, that is up to the prosecutor. An indictment means there is a formal written accusation of a crime. So a preliminary hearing is usually just to let you know that you will be going to trail. If the judge revoks your bond or you get arrested again or you appear to be a flight risk you can be "re arrested". But as for now your on bond because you promised to appear back at court for your trail date.

Everyone has a right to ASK to go before the Grand Jury regarding their own case, but the Grand Jury has the final decision on whether they will hear you or not. That is true for everyone, even if you are incarcerated. You must make a written request to appear and give it to the Commonwealth Attorney who presents it to the Grand Jury. WRONG! Kentucky is indeed title "Commonwealth." I'm an attorney in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and I can tell you that if you don't know what you are talking about you probably shouldn't comment on Kentucky law.

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What is a good sentence with indicted?

Indicted is past tense of the verb to indict, which means to accuse or charge, especially to charge formally of a crime. Example sentences: He was indicted for grand theft auto because he was found in a secluded area with the stolen car. The newspaper article indicted the department head for misuse of funding after discovering that millions had been spent on remodeling his office.

If one has already been arrested can they be rearrested for same charge?

Yes, repeat offenses are common. An arrest for each offense.

What is another word for indictment?

A 'formal' charge. You can be indicted for armed robbery or you can be charged with armed robbery.

Does nolle prossed stay active after being indicted?

If you were indicted for a crime, then it wasn't for the charge that was Nolle Prossed. Nolle Prosequi means that prosecution was declined. If they declined to prosecute for the offense then you would never have been indicted - UNLESS - you were indicted by a "Special Grand Jury" who, independent of the prosecutor's office, was investigating a specific area of interest, and found your offense met their criteria.

How many Mayors of Atlantic City have been indicted?

At least five of the mayors of Atlantic City have been indicted on one corruption charge or another. One of them was Bob Levy who pled guilty to defrauding the Veteran's Administration.

How would you find out if you were indicted?

You (or your attorney) would be served with a copy of the Grand Jury's findings (indictment) specifying the charge(s) against you.

Does EVERYONE who has committed a crime have to be indicted by a grand jury?

No it is usually a step to determine if the evidence is strong enough to charge and go to trial.

What is a pretrial for a felony?

A pretrial hearing for a felony charge is the proceeding where the Defense Attorney and the Prosecutor discuss ways of resolving the charge. It is the first hearing to take place in the Circuit Court.

You were charged with a felony in Mississippi over a year ago and have not been indicted because of lack of evidence you are really innocent how long do they have to indict you or dismiss charges?

If you've been charged, but never indicted in over a years time, you really ned to contact an attorney for help in getting the charge dismissed.

What is the standard percentage to charge a food concession?

I am hearing between 20 and 30%

What is the penalty for class a felony in NH?

my son is being indicted for a felony charge in NH . He was arrested for disorderly conduct , possesion of marijuana and a knife . How much time is he facing ?

What are lil boosie accomplishments?

Released some rap music, sold drugs, allegedly killed another person, got sentenced on the drug charge, allegedly attempted twice to get drugs into two prisons, got indicted on the murder charge.

What is the difference between being charged and being indicted?

The police CHARGE you with a crime when they arrest you. The information on you and the offense gets sent to the Grand Jury which, if they believe the information presented to them, INDICTS you.

Where can one purchase digital hearing aids?

Digital hearing aids can be purchased from a hearing specialist such as Hearing Direct, or from Specsavers. However, some digital hearing aids can be obtained by prescription free of charge from the NHS.

How many times can a person be brought before a grand jury?

ONCEAdded: Only Once PER individual crime. A multi-offender can be indicted on more than once charge.

Can a misdemeanor charge be changed to felony at the hearing?

It can be changed right up until the trial begins.

Can i find a place that does free Hearing Aids Repairs?

Most Miracle Ear locations will do minimal repair on hearing aids for no charge. Any extensive problem will cost, though.

How do you get hearing before Hawaii grand jury?

You don't request a hearing before a Grand Jury. As a matter of fact, you don't even attend your own hearing. If you are arrested, your case will automatically be presented to a Grand Jury for them to consider if they will charge you with the crime or not.

Why does a felony charge stay in your record after a no bill?

Just because you were not indicted does not erase the record of your arrest and subsequent court appearances. In order to do that you would need to look into filing a motion to expunge your record.

If you have not been indicted on a felony charge must you put it on a job application?

If the application asks if you were ever CHARGED, no, you do not. HOWEVER - if the application asks if you were ever ARRESTED, if you were arrested for the alleged offense, you must answer yes.

How do you conduct a willfulness hearing?

The court is in charge of such matters. The term "willfulness" relates to the non compliance of the obligated parent to follow the terms of the child support order. The judge who is hearing the case will take all the evidence into consideration and then decide if the person should face a contempt of court charge.

What is being officially accused of a crime mean?

The formal charge comes after a grand jury hears the charges and determines whether or not the person can be indicted for this offense. If they vote in favor of an indictment, that person will stand trial for the crime.

Does arrestee have to be at adversary preliminary hearing?

UNLESS you are mistakenly referring to an "arraignment" - no, not necessarily. The 'preliminary hearing' is a meeting of the prosecutor with the complainant, and the police to determine if enough evidence exists to sustain the charge(s) against you.

Do the same rules apply at a legislative hearing and a court of law?

The same rules do not apply at a legislation hearing and a court of law. Each body has their own rules. In a court of law, the judge is in charge of the court.

Why is a hearing scheduled for an order to show cause re dismissal when I was granted a motion to set aside default?

It sounds like they aren't done with you. And they may be trying to reinstate a charge or argue against the dropping of a charge. You, or your attorney, should have received a copy of the Show Cause HEaring and it must explain what the subject is.