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In the story the Count of Monte Cristo, both Madame Danglars and Mercedes have become publicly humiliated and are husbandless. However, they serve as extreme contrast, as Madame Danglars played a large part in the ruin of her husband and feels as fate has been unfair to her, while Mercedes had nothing to do with her husband's misfortune but cares very little, in fact abandoning the wealth she'd gained from it in favor of her own honor.

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Compare Madame Danglars and Mercedes. In what ways do these characters act as foils for each other?

Madame Danglars and Mercedes act as great foils for each other because they have two very different approaches to a very similar problem. Both had been affected by the ruin of their husbands. Madame Danglars had actually played a part in her misfortune, but felt wronged. Mercedes, on the other hand, had nothing to do with her problems, yet felt no self-pity or anguish for the loss.

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Because A Tale of Two Cities contains so many stock characters, it is easy to find stock characters whose characteristic are in direct opposition to each other. The best example is Madame Defarge and Lucie. Lucie shows endless compassion and love throughout the novel. Madame Defarge, on the other hand, show bitterness, hatred, and vengeance. Because the two characters are such dynamic opposites, it makes their characterization more dramatic.

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Compare and contrast madame defarge and lucie manette in a tlae of two cities?

They are same as their past is smehow related to aristocrats,they had to suffer because of aristocrats.

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