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Internal validity is the degree to which the results are attributable to the independent variable and not some other explanations.External validity is the extent to which the results of a study can be generalized.

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They r the same br

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Three key features that distinguish them from most amphibians is that they have an amniotic egg, internal fertilization, and they have internal fertilization.

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What is the purpose of a compare and contrast paragraph?

Well, there has to be some purpose :] In a compare and contrast essay you compare and contrast the different aspects of a topic!

What does it mean to compare and contrast?

compare is when you compare two things that are the same and contrast is when you compare two things that are different.

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How would you compare and contrast real number system?

The answer depends on what you wish to compare and contrast it with.

In a compare-and-contrast essay what do compare and contrast mean?

Compare: Explain how two or more things are the same. Contrast : Explain how two or more things are different.

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