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Contact metamorphism occurs locally, next to igneous intrusions and along fractures that were in contact with hydrothermal fluids. Regional metamorphism occurs over very large areas, such as deep within the cores of rising mountain ranges, and generally occurs with the folding of rock layers. Both result in the formation of metamorphic rocks.

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Compare and contrast contact metamorphism and regional metamorphism?

Contact metamorphism is the process of forming rocks from the heat of magma intrusion. Regional metamorphism, meanwhile, is the process of forming rocks by pressure and heat at plate boundaries.

How do the effects of contact metamorphism compare with those of regional metamorphism?

contact and regional metamorphic are similar because both of them happen cause of hot heat and pressure which make the rock metamorphic

Is soapstone regional or contact metamorphism?

Very low grade regional metamorphism.

What are the three main types of metamorphism?

contact metamorphism, regional metamorphism, dynamic metamorphism

Is marble contact or regional metamorphism?

contact :)

Describe how contact metamorphism is different from regional metamorphism?

contact metamorphism is what happens when something is really hot. regional metamorphism on the other hand involves much larger packages of rocks.

How does Burial metamorphism differ from Regional and Contact metamorphism?

Burial metamorphism differs from regional and contact metamorphism in that it is the result of rocks being buried deeper into the earth's crust through tectonic movements.

Would contact metamorphism or regional metamorphism be a product of 2 plates colliding?

Two plates colliding will generate both regional and contact metamorphism. The point of contact would have contact metamorphism while surrounding parts would be regionally metamophrsed.

What is the difference between contact and regional metamorphism?

Contact metamorphism is metamorphism that happens when preexisting rock comes in contact with a molten rock or magma and it melts locally.Regional metamorphism is metamorphism happens when two plates collide the plate that subducts can melt by the heated area.

Ore bodies at divergent plate boundaries can be created through what contact metamorphism regional metamorphism hydrothermal process?

Contact metamorphism

What are the types of rock metamorphism?

Types of metamorphism are Contact Metamorphism Regional Metamorphism Cataclastic Metamorphism Hydrothermal Metamorphism Burial Metamorphism Shock Metamorphism (Impact Metamorphism)

Unlike regional metamorphism contact metamorphism occurs when?

Magma intrudes into existing rock

What are the two 2 most common types of metamorphism?

The two most common types of metamorphism are contact metamorphism and regional metamorphism.

Is contact metamorphism regional metamorphism?

No. Contact metamorphism is caused to the host rock in a zone near to (in contact with) a hot igneous intrusion. Regional metamorphism happens when rocks are taken deep into the crust (by tectonic forces/movements) where huge volumes of rock are transformed by the heat and pressures there.

Why are metamorphic rocksformed by contact metamorphism usually not as dense as those formed by regional metamorphism?

Because contact metamorphism usually occurs because of an increase in temperature. In contrary, regional metamorphism is usually the result of compression. Compression makes a rock more dense.

What are the similarities between contact metamorphism and regional metamorphism?

Both contact and regional metamorphism result in new types of rock from pre-existing types of rock whether it be from recrystallization, new crystal formation, or realignment of existing minerals.

What is the difference between regional and contact metamorphose?

Contact metamorphism is a type of metamorphismwhere rock minerals and texture are changed, mainly by heat, due to contact with magma.

What are three types of metamorphism?

Contact, dynamic, burial, regional, and impact.

Which one is not a type of metamorphism regional contact hydrothermal or chemical?


Why are metamorphic rocks formed by contact metamorphism usually not as dense as those formed by regional metamorphism?

Contact metamorphism does not cause profound compaction, which is the reduction in size of the spaces between mineral particles due to increases in pressure. Regional metamorphism causes compaction and possibly recrystallization, increasing the density of the rock.

What type of metamorphism contact or regional would result in a schist explain your choice?

Regional. Contact metamorphism is high temperature-low pressure so no mineral alignment occurs, only new mineral growth.

What is the difference between regional and contact metamorphism?

Regional metamorphism is the creation of metamorphic rock from large geographically significant processes like plate tectonics. Contact metamorphism is the creation of metamorphic rock from the proximity of an existing rock to a heat source provided by a plutonic intrusion.

What two geological processes are involved in changing a sedimentary rock to a metamorphic rock?

The two processes resulting from sedimentary into metamorphic rock are known as contact metamorphism and regional metamorphism. Regional metamorphism most notably involves two tectonic plates colliding, while contact metamorphism occurs due to the intrusion of magma.

Which type of metamorphosis makes non-foliated rocks?

Contact metamorphism does not often produce the foliation caused by regional metamorphism

What are the three main types of metamorphism Compare and contrast the factors that cause each type?

The three main types of metamorphism are: Regional Metamorphism Contact Metamorphism Hydrothermal metamorphism Regional metamorphism is caused when high temperature and pressure affect large regions of Earths crust, It can range from low grade to high grade. It causes folded rock layers. Contact Metamorphism is when molten material comes in contact with solid rock. High temperature and moderate to low pressure from mineral assemblages. Metamorphic effects decrease with distance. Hydrothermal Metamorphism is when very hot water reacts with rock and alters its chemical and mineral composition. As hot fluids migrate in and out of the rock during metamorphism the original mineral composition and texture of the rock change.

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