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Compare folk music with country music?


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first off country music isnt real country music anymore. the new country music is old rock with some country instruments. plus the new country music is written by other people. artists that do their own music is very slim to none. brad paisley and taylor swift are like the only ones. original country was like johnny cash. folk music uses alot of different instrument and scales. folk music uses cultural instruments such as the lute, flute, bagpipes, washboard, bongos, mandolin, recorder. (generally woodwind instruments and old string instruments. the "new" country uses acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, drum set, banjoes, fiddles, dobros, and harmonicas. folk music is music and "new" country isnt music. just 3 major chords alternated in an 8 to 16 measure change.folk music uses alot of different changes and 3/4 patterns.