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Compare safety features of modern cars and old cars?


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October 02, 2013 3:24PM

Safety-wise, new cars put old cars to shame. Completely the opposite when talking about style and innovation. Anyways, here are a list of safety mechanisms that are non-existent in older cars (older meaning 1970 and older).

Safe Innovations:

-Airbags of all types -Three point restraint seatbelts (Invented by Volvo) -Traction control systems -Limit slip differentials -Power brakes -Anti-locking brakes -Halogen and xenon headlight bulbs -Layered windshields -Headlight wipers -Windshield wipers that actually work well -Crumpling impact zones -Box frames and structural roll cages -Fire retardant fabrics.

Truly the only advantage that an old car has in a collision is it's sheer weight and pure steel construction. Otherwise, they seem like deathtraps compared to modern cars.