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Compare the test tube babies that baby deliver in natural way?

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What is a baby doctor called?

Obstetricians deliver babies

Do pediatricians deliver babies?

Pediatricians do not typically deliver babies, though they are often in the room to take care of the baby once it is born in case there are any complications. But the doctor that does the delivering is usually an obstetrician.

What is the medical term meaning a doctor who removes a baby from the uterus?

A physician whose specialty is delivering babies is an obstetrician. Family physicians also deliver babies.

Are babies delivered by an optician or an obstetrician?

An optician works with the eyes. An obstetrician would be the doctor who would deliver a baby.

How do ladies have babies?

They have sex and get pregnant. Then in around 9 months, they deliver the baby. While it is usually done though the birth canal, the baby can be removed surgically if they have to.

What are the duties of an obstetrician?

the duties of an obstetrition are to deliver babies,watch the mother ant the baby before birth andenatal care.

What kind of nurse do you need to become to help deliver babies?

In England at least, the baby delivering nurses are known as Midwives.

How does a pig deliver babies?

Pigs do not deliver babies, they give birth to the baby piglets. Nature lets all animals have the instincts to do something. Instinct means: to know how to do something without being taught. The pigs instinct will help them while birthing the piglets.

What has the author Aubrey Lang written?

Aubrey Lang has written: 'Adventures of Baby Bear' 'Baby Ground Squirrel (Nature Babies)' 'Baby Koala (Nature Babies)' 'Baby Owl (Nature Babies)' 'Baby Elephant (Nature Babies)' 'Baby Grizzly Bear (Nature Babies)' 'Baby Penguin' 'Baby Seal (Nature Babies)'

What of the name of a doctor who helps a paitent give birth?

The two more commonly used people to deliver a baby are: obstetrician and midwife. Both are trained in the delivery of babies, the approaches they use are different. Obstetricians are trained to deliver babies safely and to deal with any complications or illnesses the pregnant and deliverying mom may encounter. Obstetricians deliver the majority of babies born in the U.S. Midwives have various levels of medical training and can deliver a baby safely when the pregnancy is not high risk and there are no complications. Most midwives are associated with a medical hospital or medical center in case of emergencies during delivery.

How much does it cost to deliver a baby?

Well it actually depends if you give it natural it is around $13,000 if you get the shots and stuff about $25,000

Why is a baby usually born head first?

some babies are born head first, and others are born bottom first. the baby turns, and when the doctors deliver him/her, he tells the mammy (thats screaming in pain) your baby is "breached".

How many hours does it take the average woman to deliver her baby?

The deliver of a baby varies from woman to woman.

Can you go to a farm when you are pregnant?

Do you mean a real farm with animals? If so I don't see why not. Or do you mean "THE farm" located in Middle Tennessee where they deliver babies? If so then yes. Give them a call they would be happy to deliver your baby. Or have you for a visit.

What occupation delivers baby animals?

Veterinarians deliver baby animals, if the mother cannot deliver on her own.

What is the Plural noun of baby?

The plural for for the noun baby is babies.

Is there any online games where you can deliver babies?

I know theres a website called you can help a mother dielver her first baby there a vitrual doctor to take you step by step to deilvering the baby hope i helped!!!!! =)

How to deliver guinea pigs babies?

Guinea pigs usually deliver the babies by themselves, without complication, but once in a while, the mommy will forget about on baby, and the baby will still be in the birthing sac(?), so you will have to take your finger nail, and cut the sace open. if the baby is not breathing, then you must hold it arms length away from you, head facing away from you, and spin the baby around once. this should clear any blockages from its throat. once that is done, put it back with its mommy so i can clean it off.

what is the plral of baby?


Best soft natural yarn for baby?

For babies, you'll want a yarn that is washable, so perhaps cotton, or a wool with a non-natural blend that enhances its washability.

Why are test tube babies made?

To remove the process of a baby being born through the natural way of the vaginal system.

What is a sentence for deliver?

We will deliver your new sofa this afternoon.I used to deliver newspapers.

What is the plural possessive of baby?

The plural of baby is babies, so the plural possessive is babies'.

Do babies come out of a woman's vagina or anus?

The vagina. During a natural birth, babies come out of the vagina. During a C-section, the woman's abdomen is cut open and the baby is removed.

How can you deliver your baby fast?