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ultrasonic means their frequency is too high for us to hear, infrasonic means their frequency is too low for us to hear. This is analogous to the electromagnetic spectrum, where ultraviolet light has too high a frequency for us to see, and infra-red light has too low a frequency for us to see.

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Compare ultrasonic and infrasonic?

The definition of infrasonic is relating to sound waves with a frequency below the limit of human hearing, 20 Hz. Ultrasonic relates to sound waves with a frequency above the limit of human hearing, 20,000 Hz.

What are ultrasonic and infrasonic waves?

Infrasonic waves are waves which are below humans hearing range while ultrasonic waves are waves which human beings can hear. Example-bat,dog etc and human beings (respectively)

What are ultrasonic and infrasonic sound waves?

Ultrasonic and Infrasonic sound waves are waves that are not audible to human beings. The audible region contains sound waves of 16 Hz to 20,000 Hz.Infrasonic sound waves have frequencies below 16 Hz. For example, an earthquake.Ultrasonic sound waves have frequencies above 20,000 Hz. For example, x-rays.Grade 11 Physics

What is the difference between infrasonic and ultrasonic?

Sound waves with frequencies below 20hertz are called infrasonic, while those with frequencies above20000 hertz are called ultrasonic

Why cant you hear infrasonic and ultrasonic waves?

You cannot year infrasonic and ultrasonic waves because their frequencies are beyond Êthe normalÊrange ofÊÊwhich human ear can hear.ÊInfrasonic waves has frequencies Êfar below the range ÊofÊhuman being hearing while ultrasonic waves have frequenciesÊabove the range of human being hearing.Ê

What are infrasonic and ultrasonic sound waves?

Sound waves that are below or above the normal human range of hearing.

Bats can sense obstacles because they produce 1. supersonic sound waves 2. ultrasonic sound waves 3.infrasonic sound waves 4. micro Sound waves?

ultrasonic sound waves

How does frequency of the ultrasonic waves of the echo from the stationary object compare with frequency of the ultrasonic waves of the probe?

the frequencies are same.

Which of the following ranges corresponds to the longest wavelengths infrasonic ultrasonic or audible?


What is the difference between ultrasonic and infrasonic sound waves?

The sound waves which are below the audible sound are called infrasonics(<20Hz) and The sound waves which are above the audible sound are called ultrasonics(>20KHz).

Differentiate ultrasonic wave from infrasonic wave?

ewan k0e !

What is infrasonic sound waves?

Infrasonic sound waves refer to the sound waves which have frequency less than 20 Hz.

At what frequency is ultrasonic and infrasonic?

Human ears can hear frequencies between about 20 and 20,000 Hz, so anything below 20 is infrasonic, and anything above 20,000 Hz (20 kHz) is ultrasonic.

Whether the sound produced by a seconds pendulum is infrasonic or ultrasonic?

ultra sonic

What word means frequencies above human hearing?

Ultrasonic. The opposite would be infrasonic.

How can you trace ultrasonic waves?

What?! Trace ultrasonic waves? Are you one hundred per cent cuckoo?! Why would anyone trace ultrasonic waves these days??

Distinguish between infrasonic and ultrasonic sound?

Infrasonic denotes any sound that is at a frequency below the human capability of hearing, this is around 5-25Hz. Ultrasonic on the other hand is, conversely, a frequency that is above the human hearing range (over 20,000Hz).

Why ultrasonic waves are not electromagnetic waves?

No. They are mechanical waves, ultrasonic waves are sound waves and require a medium for propagation. The word ultrasonic denotes that they have a frequency above the audible range (above 20 KHz).

Which animals can hear ultrasonic sound waves?

whale can hear ultrasonic sound waves.

Can ultrasonic waves be polarized?

No. Only transverse waves can be polarized Ultrasonic wasves are sound waves, therefore are longitudinal.

Which animals can hear ultrasonic and infrasonic waves?

Smaller animals use sounds of shorter waves - bats live only due to ultrtasonic wav es - while whales are said to communicate in very long sound waves. It is interesting indeed - is there an animal who perceive both?

What kind of animals that can hear infrasonic and ultrasonic?

Animals like rhinoceroses, elephants , whales can hera the infrasonic sounds while animals like dog, bat, rat, cat, deer and monkey can hear the ultrasonic sounds.ARTIKA SHARMA8th Standard

What is the difference between ultra sonic and infrasonic sound?

sound waves with frequencies 20 hertz or lower are infrasonic and waves above 20,000hertz are ultra sonic!

Are ultrasonic waves called as electromagnetic wave?

No ultrasonic waves are not a form of electromagnetic wave. Ultrasonic waves are nothing more than high frequency sound waves. They can be made with a suitable speaker or transducer.

Can ultrasonic wave pass through 1Cm thick iron plate?

Yes. Ultrasonic waves can pass through metal. The only difference between "normal" sound waves and ultrasonic waves is that we cannot hear ultrasonic waves. However, they behave the same.