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components of ecosystem:



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Q: Components of ecosystem?
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What are the 4 components of ecosystem?

Biotic and abiotic are components of ecosystem.

What are the most important components of a forest ecosystem?

what are the components of a forest ecosystem

What are the two components of ecosystem?

An ecosystem comprises of two basic components i) Abiotic components and ii) Biotic components thank you

Give an example of an ecosystem and its components.?

The components of an ecosystemThe ecosystem has two very important components that are dependent on each other . These are as follows:Biotic ComponentsThese are the living things in the ecosystem. These are the animals and plants that are present in the ecosystem. Humans are also classified as biotic components.Abiotic ComponentsThese are the nonliving factors or conditions needed by biotic components in order to survive. These are waters, soil, minerals, air, sunlight, and even temperature.

What are the components of the valley ecosystem?

Some of the components of the valley ecosystem includes water, soil and the rocks.

What are examples of components of ecosystem?

abiotic and biotic components

If you were to create a complete ecosystem what components would you include in it?

if you were to create acomponents ecosystem what components would you include in it??/

What are different components of ecosystem?

The components of the ecosystem are the biotic (living) factors and abiotic (non-living) factors.

What are the main components of ecosystem?

the main components in a ecosystem are BIOTIC COMPONENTS such as producers, macro-consumers,and decomposer and the other component is the ABIOTIC COMPONENTS such as the climate, soil, and topography.

What are the nonliving components of an ecosystem or environment?

The non-living components of an ecosystem are: rocks, sand, water, air and soil.

Roles played by the components of ecosystem?

roles played by the components

What is the answer Science Nonliving part of an ecosystem?

The nonliving parts of an ecosystem are the abiotic components, while the living ones are biotic components.

Explain how nitrogen moves from the abiotic to the biotic components of an ecosystem?

The ecosystem consists of two components which are known as the biotic and abiotic.

What are some biotic components of our ecosystem?

Biotic means living. The biotic components of an ecosystem are plants, trees, animals and people.

Major components of an ecosystem?

Are Organisms.

Components of pond ecosystem?

There are many components of a pond ecosystem. There are producers, primary, secondary, and tertiary consumers. There are also abiotic factors.

Does an ecosystem consist of energy?

yes an ecosystem consist of energy and orther components

What are Abiotic components of the ecosystem?

All non-living things in the ecosystem are the abiotic components. Like the soil, atmosphere, water bodies, etc.

How does the living components of n ecosystem affect the non living components?


The components of ecosystem?

producer, consumer, decomposer

What are the nonliving components of the ecosystem?

abiotic factors.

What are the two components of an ecosystem?

Hydrogen and oxide

How are the ecosystem classified?

ecosystem can be classified into biotic and non biotic... biotic means living components whereas abiotic means non living components

What are the biotic components of a local ecosystem?

Biotic components are the living factors which interact with organisms and non-living factors of the ecosystem. Some examples of biotic components are competition, food supply, etc.

Components of ecology?

the components of ecology is biosphere, ecosystem, community , population and lastly organisms