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Liability Coverage under an auto policy has what components: Medical payments Collision Comprehensive None of these Liability Coverage under an auto policy has what components: Medical payments Collision Comprehensive None of these Liability Coverage under an auto policy has what components: Liability Coverage under an auto policy has what components:

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Components to liability coverage under an auto policy

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Q: Components to liability coverage under an auto policy?
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Will auto shop liability insurance pay for tools if stolen?

A Garage policy can have many different kinds of coverage added to the policy. You can certainly add coverage for tools and equipment to be covered under the policy.

Can you just get liability insurance for a house?

Not likely. The owners liability coverage is generally an option under the home property insurance policy. I don't know of any insurance company that would sell Liability as a stand alone coverage for a home.

How can you get your employees bonded?

Bonding is usually supplied by your business insurance agent under your business liability coverage or sometimes a separate policy.

Can you extend liability ins to vacation home in fl?

If both properties are insured under the same policy, Yes. If each property is insured separately under a different policy then you will need to contact the insurer of the pertinent property to address liability coverage issues.

Is there Coverage for owners and or supervisors if sued by employee under the general liability policy?

The answer would depend on what type of suit you are concerned with. For example if you are concerned with an employee suing because of wrongful termination or sexual harrassment this is not something covered under a standard unendorsed General Liability Policy. Some General liability policies will cover this but is is usually a defense only coverage and is very minimal. If this is they type of suit you are concerned with you will need to purchase and employment practices liability policy. Some of the policies can be very affordable depending on the nature of the business and the number of employees.

Is professional liability covered under a commercial general liability policy?

Normally it is not covered by a CGL policy. However some carriers can add this coverage by endorsement. The recomendation would be to buy a stand alone professional policy. they normally provide broader coverage. Review the policy carefully as these can be very complicated and are normally written on claims made basis instead of a occurrence form. Make sure you clearly understand the differences or you could be caught without coverage at some point in time.

How do you find the homeowners insurance carrier for someone whose animal injured you?

The easiest way is just to ask them. Bear in mind though that most homeowners insurance policies now exclude coverage for damage and injuries from pets. Fortunately though our mandated ACA compliant health care policy will cover the associated cost and it has no limit and it does not matter how or where the injury occurred. Some homeowners purchase property coverage but do not purchase liability coverage, So there may or may not be coverage for your injury under the homeowners insurance policy. You will have to start a lawsuit and when you do (providing you were bitten by their animal or injured some other way) the lawyer or judge will find out the insurance information during something called disclosure and discovery. In the discovery process your attorney will learn if they have a homeowners insurance policy, if that policy has liability coverage and if the policy provides liability coverage for owned pets. If they do have and the policy has liability coverage and pet injuries are covered under the policy then you may receive a judgement. It would be much easier to just ask them first rather than have to sue first. Also bear in mind that an ACA compliant health insurance policy already covers such injuries.

When you tow a cargo trailer is this insured under the auto policy of the towing car?

Only the liability is automatic. Collision coverage is only provided if the trailer is listed on the auto policy. If it's a borrowed trailer then it is up to the owner of the trailer to have collision coverage. If you are at fault in the accident it may be possible that your property damage coverage could apply.

Does homeowners insurance cover murder?

No. Homeowners insurance is "Property" coverage. Murder is a criminal offense and is not a covered peril under a home's property hazard insurance policy. Homeowners insurance does not provide liability coverage for criminal acts nor is it a replacement for a life or death insurance policy.

What is covered in a state farm fire and casualty company dwelling coverage a?

Coverage A on any homeowners policy includes the dwelling itself. This is the home without including the contents. The coverages under a homeowners policy are as follows: Coverage A: Dwelling Coverage B: Other Structures Coverage C: Contents Coverage D: Loss of Use Also provided under most homeowners policies are liability coverage and medical payments to others.

What will happen if someone sues your homeowners insurance How will this affect me?

First the suit will not be filed against the insurance company but against you as the homeowner. Your insurance company will come in and protect you from the suit. This is covered under your liability section of the insurance policy. Your coverage includes legal fees in addition to the amount of coverage on your liability section.

Does auto insurance cover loss of earning?

There are many different optional coverages under an automobile policy. A minimum liability policy will pay for loss of earnings if you are the party who is hit by the other driver. In this situation the other party's insurance policy will be responsible for your losses as far as damages and injuries up to the policy limits or actual loss whichever is less. If you have a policy which is liability only and you hit someone or something then no, your policy will not pay for your liability coverage will not pay for your losses or injuries nor that of your passengers. You can purchase optional coverage that will pay for many different situations including work loss. I hope this has helped answer your question.

If something hits your car during a windstorm who is responsible?

This would be covered under the "comprehensive" portion of a full coverage policy. PLPD aka liability would not cover such damage.

What is the umbrella under auto insurance?

Umbrella insurance, also referred to as a Personal Liability Umbrella policy, is a policy that provides additional liability insurance coverage over your vehicles, recreational vehicles, boats, home and more. An umbrella policy will protect you against gaps in coverage and are designed to protect you in the event you face a large liability claim because of damage or injuries you are found responsible of causing. Your umbrella rates will depend on how many underlying policies you are covering. Those with just a vehicle and a property insurance policy will pay less than those with recreational vehicles, boats, and more.

Does renters insurance covers a carpet burn?

Not if it 'came with' the building. For instance wall to wall is considered under the dwelling coverage on the home owners policy. So if you didn't bring it in with you, it belongs to the landlord, and your renters policy will not cover it. Now if you are saying you damaged the landlords property, file a claim and see if there might be some coverage under your liability section. States differ on this.

Where is the limit of insurance company liability for uninsured motorist coverage listed in the policy?

It would be listed on your declaration page which is mailed to you at each renewal period. Listed first would be your Bodily Injury limits and under that would be your uninsured/underinsured liability if you have it.

Difference in comprehensive general liability and commercial general liability?

who is the insured under a general liability policy

What is important to consider when purchasing liability insurance for nurses?

When purchasing liability insurance for a nurse it is important to know what kind of coverage the doctor has. Many things will fall under his coverage.

Does homeowner's insurance cover damage to the house caused by boarders living with the owner and policy holder?

Damage caused by bordersWith respect to 'building' coverage, the boarders are not 'insureds' (by definition) under the policy. Intentional or negligent damage caused by a household resident are not covered under an owners policy.You could seek coverage from the liability portion of your tenants renters policy.

Will homeowners liability cover wood damage from termites powder post beetles or other bugs?

Termites and InsuranceLiability insurance is coverage for occurrences in which you might be held financially liable. It is not possible to be liable to ones self. If your seeking coverage for a Wood Structure or Property you would look to a Homeowners Policy or some other coverage form in Property Lines. If your a Pest exterminator by trade then you may look to a Commercial General Liability policy that will offer you liability coverage for the work or service you perform on premises and completed operations coverage for after the job is done.Pest ExclusionsUnder Section I - Exclusions of your policy, it will explain that there is no coverage for damage due to rats, mice, termites, moths, or other insects (language varies by state), but there IS coverage for ensuing loss due to collapse of the building or any part of the building. Exterminators LiabilityThe only liability for damage due to termites would be found in a warranty policy from a pest-treatment company who has a contract to treat your home at regular intervals and guarantees their work.

Coverage if your car fallw through ice?

Yes, under the comprehensive coverage if you have it. No, if it is liability only.

Can you get auto insurance without a vehicle?

If you do not own a vehicle you can still purchase auto insurance to cover you when you are driving borrowed vehicles and rented vehicles. Named non-owners insurance is a policy for individuals who drive borrowed cars and have a need for liability insurance. If you are required to provide an SR-22 to the DMV to keep your driving privilege and do not own a vehicle, named non-owners policies are the best solution. These policies will provide you with liability coverage in any car you do not own if you are found at fault for injuries or damage.

Does garage keepers liability fall under the broader category of Commercial Liability?

Yes, garagekeeprs is part of the typical commercial insurance policy package, along with business auto general liability and property coverage, among others. Garagekeeps covers the commercial exposure for vehicles left in the insured's possession (which would be excluded under the general liability policy's auto exclusion) and usually has both comprehensive and collsion elements. For example, a vehicle left at a body shop or for an oil change.

What is the difference between a Bodily Injury claim and a Liability claim?

A bodily injury claim is a liablity claim. Most auto policys have three (could be many more) liability coverages; Bodily injury (pays for injuries you cause to another), Property damage (pays for damages to property of others), Uninsured motorist coverage (pays for injuries caused by an uninsured motorist). The bodily injury coverage is one coverage under the liability section of your auto policy.

Would I be covered on a business fleet insurance policy if I am not listed as a driver?

In terms of Auto Liability...this depends.... 1. Does the policy excluded unscheduled drivers? If so, no coverage for you. 2. Did you have permission to use the vehicle? If not, no coverage for you. If the policy does not exclude unscheduled drivers, and you have permission to use the vehicle, the policy should afford coverage for incidents where you are the driver. In terms of Medical Payments or other benefit to YOU as the driver.... 1. Same questions as above, and more importantly... 2. Is Medical Payments and/or "PIP" coverage is provided on the policy? If no, no coverage for you. If no Medical Payments and/or "PIP" coverage is provided on the policy, you would need to seek coverage under the Workers Compensation policy. If you are an Excluded Owner under that WC policy, there would be no coverage for you here either. Remember, these answers are "general" in nature, and may not reflect the exact response from your insurer. I highly recommend contacting your agent for clarification of coverage.

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