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Compound is a state of matter?

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No, a compound is a pure substance made up of two or more elements chemically combined (by chemical bonds). State of matter refers whether the substance is in the solid, liquid or gaseous state. So they are different terms.

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A compound that can be separated by electrolysis must be in which state of matter?

A compound that can be separated by electrolysis must be in the LIQUID state of matter.

What is a state of matter at room temperature?

You would have to state a specific element or compound to determine this.

When do ionic compounds not conduct electricity?

When the compound is in a solid state of matter.

Is compound a type of matter?

Yes A compound is matter.

What remain constant when state of matter is changed?

Chemical (formula) composition of the compound concerned.

Is a compound mixed up with matter?

No a compound does not involve a mixture of matter.

What state of matter is NH4 2CO3?

Ammonium Carbonate is a compound made up of nitrogen,hydrogen, oxygen and Carbon. It exists in solid state.

Is plasma a pure substance?

PLasma is not a substance; plama is a state of matter. But plasma can be formed from only one compound.

Does the density of a compound change when the state of matter changes?

The density of matter does change when the state of matter changes. Most materials are most dense in the solid state and least dense in gaseous state (this is kind of intuitive). Water is an exception, though. It is most dense in the liquid state (at 4 degrees C, to be exact) -- that's why ice floats on water!

How does a compound change state?

That depends on what the compound is and what state it is to change to

An example of a compound that has matter?

Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is a chemical compound and is matter.

Describe the composition of a compound?

the composition of a compound is the matter and the substances

Are eggs a compound or a mixture?

eggs are a compound no matter what you say

What state of matter are ionic compounds?

It is usually solid because a ionic compound has a charge making it usually in the stage of a solid.

What is the difference between matter and compound?

matter and a compound dont have that much related to each other, matter is what you can feel and see, like mass, weight....a compound is two or more elements mixed together.

What is seventh state of matter?

1st state of matter- solid 2nd state of matter- liquid 3rd state of matter- gas 4th state of matter- plasma 5th state of matter- Bose Einstein condensate 6th state of matter - fermionic condensate 7th state of matter- thought to be Fermionic condensate

Is physical state a physical property?

The state of matter of a element or compound is linked to its melting and boiling points which are both physical properties. Also if the element/compound is a solid you could say physical properties on the type of structure it would form

In what compound is sodium found in its natural state?

if sodium is in a compound, it will not be in natural state. natural state implies that it is a pure element. ie not a compound

What is the state of matter for the chemical compound PtF2?

Platinum fluorides are: PtF2, PtF4 and PtF6.PtF6 is a solid at room temperature but volatile.

Which state of matter is condensation?

Condensation is not a state of matter. It is a conversion between states of matter. Condensation changes the physical state of matter from gas state into liquid state.

Can all matter exist in three states?

Yes, any element or compound can exist in all three states of matter. Though, some compounds or elements need special conditions in order to be one state of matter.

Is a solid a compound element or a mixture?

A solid can be any one of these, although you will probably see mixtures being more liquids and gasses. It is not the state of matter that makes it compound, element, or mixture, but what composes it.

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