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Compound name for chromium bromide?


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Three chromium bromides are known:

* chromium dibromide, CrBr2

* chromium tribromide, CrBr3

* chromium tetrabromide, CrBr4

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Chromium II bromide is CrBr2 . Chromium III bromide is CrBr3 .

chromium (III) bromide calcium chloride OR iron (III) oxide aluminum chloride

This compound is a bromide. Chromium shows +2 oxidation number.

Strontium Bromide Strontium Bromide

Tin ( I ) bromide or Stannous bromide

The compound with formula CuBr is named copper (I) bromide or cuprous bromide.

This compound is beryllium bromide.

The formula for chromium III bromide hexahydrate is CrBr3·6H2O

Some metals can have multiple different charges, so a number after the name is given to tell what charge it has. Whereas Bromide on the other hand always has the same change (-1.) In this case you have a Chromium with a 2+ charge, and would then need 2 Bromide ions to make the compound neutral. Thus the formula is CrBr2.

The compound KBr has the name potassium bromide.

This compound is ammonium bromide.

This compound is sodium bromide.

The compound name of CuBr2 is Copper (II) Bromide.

If you are looking for the ionic compound name then it is magnesium bromide.

The compound name for CrCN2 is chromium (II) cyanide.

The answer is Caesium Bromide.

The answer is Lithium Bromide.

Chromium II oxide (or chromium monoxide).

It is a solid compound Ammonium bromide.

There is no such compound as BaBr3, there is BaBr2, barium bromide.

HgBr2 is mercury II bromide or mercuric bromide.

The systematic name of this compound is Chromium(III) Chloride.

Magnesium bromide pentahydride

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