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possible clogged evaporator Jim

Answeror maybe the temperature control door is not Jim
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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 15:11:07
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Q: Compressor is working system loaded on your 96 cavalair still blowing warm air?
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What is the small thing that looks like a tiny air compressor on a 93 olds regency?

it is probably the compressor for the load levelling rear air shocks. Pump operates when the trunk is loaded up.

What is the aproximate loaded speed of a 3600 rpmcompressor?

The approximate loaded speed of a 3600 RPM compressor is between 2500 and 3000 RPM. Because the load puts additional strain on the motor, it reduces its rotational speed.

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What is a drive belt tensioner?

If your vehicle has a serpentine belt that is used to drive the accessories ( alternator , air conditioning compressor , power steering , etcetera ) the serpentine belt has a spring loaded tensioner that is supposed to keep the proper tension on the belt ( if it is working correctly )

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How much does it cost to replace front evaparator core loaded compressor and manifold line in a 1999 Ford Windstar?

I live in Des Moines, Iowa and I just had my 98 Windstar into a dealer and they quoted me $1,200 for the manifold line and the compressor line to be repaired/replaced. Hope this helps.

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Owner of a 1992 mercury grand marquis v8 engine fully loaded vehicle looking for the location of ac compressor fuse is there also a relay located inside the fuse panel you ha no owners manual?

Theres a Black fuse box under the hood , on drivers side,that has fuses as well as the one inside under the dash,and once when working on mine, I pulled a fuse out of this box to check for something else and the air conditioner stopped working.

Does the accumulator dryer have to be replaced when the compressor is replaced?

Compare the weights of the old and the new dryers. The new one probably is much lighter. That means you need to install the new one, because the old one is loaded with crud and moisture. most manuals recommend that you replace the accumulator whenever you replace the compressor.

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What is the function of compressor governor?

It puts the compressor into an unload state once cut out pressure is reached, and back into a loaded state once the cut in pressure is reached. Depending on the exact setup, a line from one of your air tanks will go to your governor. When the cut out pressure (between 120 and 135 psi) is reached, a valve opens in the governor to send air to to compressor and to the air drier. This closes the discharge valve on the compressor, sending it into an unloaded state, and also starts the air drier purge cycle.

How do you know if your orifice tube is in need of replacing?

If the low side has too much pressure and the system isn't cooling properly that would be one sign that the orifice is plugged up. Removing the orifice tube and inspecting it would be the best way. If the orifice tube is loaded with metal trash, the compressor is probably on its way out. Replace the compressor, accumulator and orifice now before the compressor fills the system with trash, this you don't want to happen.

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Should have spring loaded automatic belt tensioner--if not working may be defective

How do you adjust the serpentine belt on a 1988 mercury topaz?

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