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Computer restarts itself everytime you download through the internet Tried all the suggested things that could fix this and none have worked help you please?

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September 12, 2011 3:11PM

the 1st thing i think u should do is scan ur computer for virus or unwanted files using a recently updated antivirus. the antivirus on ur system may not be strong enough.if u use a demo version or outdated antivirus,it might scan but detect no virus or damaged files even if there are.

second thing to do is go to start on ur system, click all programs, click accessories and then system tools then system restore. click it and follow the instruction given to restore ur system to one of the highlighted date that corresponds to when ur system was faultless. it might be that ur system developed the fault as a result of trying to install or uninstal a software that is not really recquired eg netspeed booster software or the system accelerator software.

after these two steps, if ur problem persists, i advice u see an engineer, but I'm sure with these points, ur problems are solved.