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Main concept that set Buddhims apart is that of 'ahimsa' which means non-violence. This non-violence is applied to all living things and even oneself (as at the time, hindus were involved in acts of self-suffering (walking on fire, sleeping on a bed of nails)). This means non-killing for your food and at a higher level even the violence of one's words can pollute the atmosphere.

Other aspects Buddha rejected in Hinduism was the Caste System, worship of idols and even the existence of God which is why Buddhism is seen as an atheistic religion. Buddha specifically asked people not to idolise him and find their own path towards nirvana (breaking of the cycle of birth and death).

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In what ways did Buddhism differ from Hinduism at the time that Buddhism first emerged in India?

Hinduism is a religion that based on the concept of God. But Buddhism is not based on this concept. According to them, gods are a kind of powerful aliens but not deathless. Buddhism was a philosophy based on the concept of cause and effect. Later, some followers of Buddhism converted it to a religion.

Is Atman a concept of Buddhism?

No. It is Hindu.

Which concept is not shared by Hinduism and Buddhism?

The primary concept not shared by Hinduism and Buddhism is that of a deity. Buddhism has no deities in the religion, while Hinduism is a polytheistic religion. Since there is no deity, there is also no creation story, which Hinduism does have.

What religion was the founder of Buddhism apart of?


What is the Buddhist definition of holy?

The concept does not apply in Buddhism.

Do buddisum have to be baptised?

Baptism is not part of Buddhism. This is a result of Buddhism not having a deity, the concept of anyone or thing being able to "purify" anyone else except that person themselves. Even the concept of "purification" is shakes Buddhism has no concept of sin, original sin, damnation, salvation etc.

What are the concepts of Buddhism?

Buddhism concept is to tame our wild minds and make free from any suffering.- Yeshi

Who is the Holy Spirit to Buddhists?

Buddhism has no deities and no prophets. The "Holy Spirit" is a Christian concept not present in Buddhism.

Are the Nichiren Shu considered a part of Buddhism or are they considered a post-Buddhism religion in the same way that Baha'i and Druze are considered post-Islamic religions?

The Nichiren Shu are considered a part of traditional Buddhism. There is no concept of post-Buddhism religions as there is a concept of post-Islamic religions.

Is it true that there are 80 percent Muslims in china?

No. The predominant religion in China (apart from atheism) is Buddhism; this is quite a different religion than Islam.No. The predominant religion in China (apart from atheism) is Buddhism; this is quite a different religion than Islam.No. The predominant religion in China (apart from atheism) is Buddhism; this is quite a different religion than Islam.No. The predominant religion in China (apart from atheism) is Buddhism; this is quite a different religion than Islam.

What is the difference between the typological species concept and the morphological species concept?

The main difference between the typological species concept and the morphological species concept is that the typological species concept classifies organisms that share characteristics that set them apart from others, whereas the morphological species concept classifies them as the same species if they appear identical.

Who is the Savior for the religion Buddhism?

Buddhists do not worship any person or deity, including The Buddha. Therefore the concept of a Savior that needs to be an intermediary between a person and god in order to purify or redeem that person is not a concept present in Buddhism. Therefore there is no Savior and none is needed for Buddhism.

Is Buddhism religion?

yes, Buddhism is a belief.Answer:Buddhism is a religion for many purposes - taxes, charitable status, lists of religions in text books. It is not counted as a religion by some other faiths who feel that a religion has to have the concept of a deity somewhere in its make up, Buddhism does not to this s these folks count Buddhism as a philosophy. It should be pointed out that Buddhism has a concept similar to "souls" and afterlife, a system of monks and nuns and temples which are usually associated with religion.

Who is the one who brings all good in Buddhism?

The concept of bringing all good is not a Buddhist concept. In Buddhism each being is responsible to find his or her own enlightenment. Buddhism essentially posts instructions like "It would be easier this way!" but there is no compulsion to follow the suggestion. There is no saviour, no judge - just you.

What are the power of gods in Buddhism?

There are no gods in Buddhism. There is no God concept or anything supernatural at all. The Buddha only claimed to be awake; he did not claim to be a god. .

What are some of the simularities between Hinduism and Buddhism?

Hinduism AND Buddhism have many similarities. Such as concept of Moksha (liberation) or Nirvana (Liberation) via meditation.

What main religions seek nirvana?

Nirvana is a concept in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism.

What is the roles of karma in Catholicism?

There is no role of karma in Catholicism as karma is a concept from Buddhism.

Did Buddhism and Hinduism share the beliefs in reincarnation?

yes, both Hinduism and Buddhism share belief of Reincarnation (punarjanma). We can find the concept of Reincarnation (punarjanma) India both Hinduism and Buddhism Scriptures.

What values do both Hinduism and Buddhism embrace?

Hinduism and Buddhism embrace Non Violence & Peace. Apart from that Hinduism and Buddhism embrace Moksha (liberation) or Nirvana (Liberation) via meditation.

What does Buddhism says about God?

Buddhism does not discuss the concept of god(s) except to say that enlightenment comes from one's own efforts not that of any deity.

What type of noun is Buddhism?

The noun 'Buddhism' is a mass (uncountable), proper, abstract noun; a word for a specific religion; a word for a concept; a word for a thing.

What word means to set apart as sacred?

To 'sanctify' means to set apart as sacred.

What central concept do Hinduism and Buddhism share?

The main one is the belief in re-incarnation.

What is the culture of Buddhism?

The culture of Buddhism is when the way they they believe that they will soon be reincarnated and be set in a higher social class.

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