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Difusion in air.

Osmosis in water.

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when molecules of a substance are evenly spread, they are at a atate of equilibrium.That would be the definition of the word Equilibrium.

When gas molecules are spread out evenly throughout a space they are in equilibrium. This is because pressure is even, enthalpy is minimum and entropy is maximum.

They do so in all (3) 'states of matter' (gas, liquid, solid) but their freedom in movement is very different, as is the mean distance between molecules or atoms (if you compare for instance liquid or solid with gas). However, all particles are evenly spread when 'in one particular state of matter'.

Occurs when molecules of one substance is spread evenly through out another substance

solutions mixture of two or more substance in which the molecules of the substances are evenly distributed

type of mixture in which one substance is dispersed evenly throughout another

A homogeneous solution is formed when diffusion has occurred and molecules are spread out evenly in all directions. It has uniform composition and properties throughout the solution.

A SOLUTION is a mixture of two or more substances in which the molecules of the substances are evenly distributed

Diffusion; to spread out evenly into water or airmolecules spread out from area of HIGH conc to area of LOW consuntil spread out evenlyEquilibrium : balance achieved between forces causing the stuff to spreadheat usually, hotter gives faster diffusionConcentration Gradient: gradual change in the amount of material dissolvedspread from higher to lower until evenly diffused

I believe it is a colloid: a type of mixture in which one substance is dispersed evenly throughout another.

Dispersing means that a substance is moving through the a space or medium. It will become evenly throughout the medium.

Yes, gasses can exist in one phase, homogeneously mixed or 'spreaded'

Kerosene is a non-polar molecule. This is because it has an evenly distributed electric charge, whereas the electric charge of polar molecules are not evenly distributed throughout the molecule.

The noun 'colloid' is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a mixture in which very small particles of one substance are distributed evenly throughout another substance; a substance of gelatinous consistency; a word for a thing.

Yes - dust is considered a colloid. A colloid is a substance microscopically dispersed evenly throughout another substance. Dust is an aerosol - it is a colloid suspension of fine solid particles in gas.

a heterogeneous substance is when the substance of a mixture is not spread out evenly.

Diffusion is a process that occurs when a substance such as water, molecules, etc enter and leave cells. The way that cell diffusion happens is by molecules moving from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. This usually occurs until both molecules have the same amount of the substance and it is distributed evenly.

that would only happen if the ion particles arnt positivly charged.the molecule then goes through a deceleration and the proses of osmoses would happen when the molecules begian to separate. this happens alot as in like car batterys.when the charge is gone it goes through a deceleration proses.and the acid inside the battery starts to sepperate the water from the acid.

nonpolar. The fat molecules in peanut butter are nonpolar, that is why peanut butter doesn't evenly mix with water, a polar substance.

A colloid is a type of mixture in which one substance is dispersed evenly throughout another. Some examples are whipped cream, styrofoam, mist, milk, jelly, clouds, and blood.

A colloid is a solution where the particles inside it are between 1 and 1000 nanometers in diameter. The particles inside the solution are evenly dispersed throughout the solution and do not precipitate out.

A homogeneous mixture is evenly mixed throughout so you can see what in it. whereas a heterogeneous mixture is not mixed evenly throughout and you can see whats in it