Condom coming off

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This is dangerous as along with the condom semen and the sperm may fall in the vagina.

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Q: Condom coming off
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Can you get pregnant from a condom coming off inside the vagina?

Yes. The possibility most certainly exists (although pregnancy could occur, not directly from the condom coming off, but from the semen that could be left inside the vagina after the condom came off).

Why does a condom slip off and remains in the vagina?

the vagina acts as a vacum sucking the condom up slightly and will then to come off the penis if it has softened slightly before coming out of vagina

After having protected sex then taking off the condom after coming and reentering can you get a girl pregnant?

Yes it is possible.

Can a condom fall off if the guy isn't hard?

Yes. The condom is supposed to go on an erect penis. If the penis is flaccid, the condom can slip off.

Can a condom slipping off and being stuck in vagina cause pregnancy?

the condom- no. the sperm in the condom- yes

What happens if you keep taking the condom on and off during sex but between taking it off and on you use no condom for a little while?

Then you defeat the purpose and effectiveness of the condom.

Can you get pregenant if semen spills out of the condom after sex and you are rolling the condom off the penis but the condom didn't break?


Can you get pregnant if he wears a condom but after he comes the condom falls off and he has to pull it out of you?


Can you get pregnant if he ejaculates inside the condom and the condom came off inside of you with the semen in it?

No, providing the semen stayed inside the condom.

How long can you have a condom on your penis?

Until your penis becomes limp and then the condom will slide off.

If the penis comes out or you change position should you put on a different condom?

you should not need to change condom unless your condom comes off or you change sexual partner... You can use the same condom with someone else in the same session but it is best to replace the condom if it comes off.

Can a guy take off his condom while he is still hard?

Yes, he can as the condom can rolled off in much the same manner as it was rolled on.

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