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Conifers are trees that have leaves?


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No. Conifers are trees like pine trees. Deciduous trees are the trees that have leaves and lose them during Autumn.

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Conifers have leaves but not flowers. The leaves are called needles, they do not look like leaves from deciduous trees.

Trees that do not drop their leaves in the autumn are called evergreens. Cone bearing trees are called conifers. All conifers are not evergreen and all evergreens are not conifers.

Conifers do not shed their leaves like other trees. However, they do shed old and dead leaves when they need to.add. Well, mostly. There are deciduous conifers.

Conifers are trees such as Pine and Spruce, with long and needle-like leaves.They keep their green leaves year round.

Cycads, conifers and a few angiosperms.

Conifers are an example of trees that have needle-shaped leaves.

Most conifers have needles instead of leaves. Some conifers have leaves.

No. Deciduous trees drop their leaves in the autumn, conifers are trees that bear cones.

Evergreens, most of which are conifers or cone bearing trees such as pine.

Leaves in general are biodegradable. Needles from conifers will rot down, but not as quickly as the leaves from deciduous (broadleaf) trees.

Deciduous trees will lose their leaves in Autumn, conifers and other softwood trees do not.

Not all trees on hills are conifers. Many trees have leaves instead of needles. As you get higher in altitude, however, the deciduous trees are less hardy and you only find conifers because their needles are better able to stand the altitude and the weather on mountains.

The name conifer refers to the seed pod called a cone. Pine trees are conifers. The leaves are called needles (like pine needles from a Christmas tree).

Conifers bear cones. Deciduous trees drop their leaves in autumn. Do not confuse conifers with evergreens.

Evergreens or conifers like, pine, cedar, hemlock, spruce and fir trees.

Deciduous trees have leaves. Non Desiduous trees, or Conifers have needles.

Conifers bear cones. Most conifers are evergreen although a small number e.g. larch are deciduous. Deciduous trees lose their leaves in Autumn. Deciduous trees are classed as hardwods and conifers as softwoods so the only similarities other than some conifers are deciduous is that all trees have roots ,trunks and branches.

Most conifers keep their leaves(needles) in winter.9 all evergreen trees keep their leaves throughout the year even in winters like pine trees for example

The leaves of conifers are called 'needles'

Evergreen trees keep their leaves the year round. Some evergreens are broadleaf trees, and some conifers. And likewise with deciduous trees. Teak trees lose their leaves in the dry season. So you see it is quite variable.

Deciduous trees lose their leaves each year without the stem dying back to the ground. Deciduous trees are generally considered to be broad-leaf trees (as opposed to conifers with needles), but larches and tamaracks are deciduous conifers.

Conifers have needle-like leaves, usually in pairs.

Coniferous (conifer) trees such as pines, spruces, cedars and fir trees do not loose their leaves (needles or scale like leaves). Think Christmas trees. Some conifers such as the Larch do lose their needles in winter. Trees that do not lose their leaves in winter are called evergreens.

Peaches are deciduous trees. Conifers are things like pine trees and spruce trees and fir trees that have needles instead of leaves.

deciduous sheds and coniferous doesnt Conifers bear cones that carry their seed. Deciduous trees shed their leaves in winter. Not all conifers are evergreen. Some deciduous trees bear cones.

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