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Q: Contrast the movement of charge in insulators and conductors during induction when a charged object is brought near them?
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What is the difference between thermal conductors and thermal insulators?

Conductors carry thermal energy through, but insulators prevent the movement of heat energy. The usual reason is the way the electrons in these elements and compounds are organized, because electrons are the energy carrier, either for heat or electricity.

How is charge by induction similar from charge by conduction?

Both conduction and induction involve a movement of electrons. Conduction is the transfer of electrons from a charged object to another object by direct contact. Induction does not involve direct contact. Instead, induction is the movement of electrons from one part of an object to another as a result of the electric field of the second object.

Why is it as important to have insulators as it is to have conductors?

In the context of electricity, if everything was a conductor, we wouldn't be able to generate electricity as the movement of electrons induced by the magnetic field in the generator would just be dissapated into the rest of the deivce!

Why suspension insulators preferred for high voltage power transmission?

'Suspension' type insulators are less expensive to manufacture than 'pin' type insulators for voltages in excess of around 33 kV. Each 'dish' is designed for specific voltage (e.g. in the UK, typically 11 kV), and several can be added to form a 'string' to match any desired voltage level. This inceases their versatility. Suspension insulators also allow for greater lateral movement of the conductors.

What material stops or slows the movement of electricity or heat?


What is the ability of a substance to oppose or slow down electric current?

Insulators typically slow the movement of electrons through an electric current. Bad conductors, such as rubber, can be used to slow, stop, and/or redirect electric current.CommentInsulators do not 'slow down', 'stop', or 'redirect' current! Simply put, insulators don't have enough charge carriers to support conduction.

How does electrcity flow?

By movement of free electrons in conductors

What three things needed to complete magnetic induction?

Movement conductor, magnetism

What involves the movement of electrons in neutral objects do to the electric field produced by a charged object?

induction :)

What involves the movement of electrons in neutral objects due to the electric field produced by a charged?


After a ct scan with contrast how soon is normal to have a bowel movement to rid the contrast solution?

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What involve the movement of electrons in neutral objects due to the electric field produced by charged object?