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What is an ancient Scandinavian trader or pirate called?


How did Ancient Egypt's geography affect their civilization?

Ancient Egypt's geography effected their civilization immensely.

Did you geography of ancient Greece has?


What has the author William Latham Bevan written?

William Latham Bevan has written: 'The student's manual of ancient geography' 'Manuale di geografia antica' -- subject(s): Ancient Geography, Geography, Ancient

How was the geography of ancient hebrews?

The geography is really flat with lots of mountains

Who is a scald in literature?

Scald is an ancient Scandinavian bard who entertain the court.

What has the author J L Berggren written?

J. L Berggren has written: 'Ptolemy's Geography' -- subject(s): Ancient Geography, Cartography, Early works to 1800, Geography, Ancient

What was an effect Greece geography had on the food ancient Greeks ate?

Farmlands equal geography and geography was small making farmlands small and if farmlands are small then less food for Ancient Greeks.

What are the differences between ancient Greece and ancient Rome's geography?


What is the cultural contribution of ancient Greece?

what is the cultral devloment of ancient greece

Did geography have a positive or negative effect on the development of ancient Greece?

Yes the Ancient Greece geography had some unique effects such as positives and negatives.

What has the author Katherine Clarke written?

Katherine Clarke has written: 'Between Geography and History' -- subject(s): Ancient Geography, Civilization, Geography, Ancient, Greece, Greek influences, Historiography, Rome

What has the author Albert van Kampen written?

Albert van Kampen has written: 'Orbis terrarum antiquus in scholarum usuam descriptus' -- subject(s): Ancient Geography, Atlases, Classical geography, Geography, Ancient, Historical geography, Maps

How did the physical geography of ancient Egypt and ancient China effect the way they dressed?

Climate, Religion or the trade items they got from other countries (Purple dye; Lebenon, Stuff like that) Hope you enjoy the answer (:

What was the ancient romans most significant contribution to europe?

their most significant contribution was the law

What is the ancient Aztec geography like?


What were the achievements in geography of ancient Greece?


Who used your contribution in ancient Greece?

the Athens

Are screws a contribution from ancient Greece?


What was the greatest contribution of the ancient Egyptians?

The calendar

What contribution did the Etruscans have on ancient Rome?

The contribution that Etruscans had on ancient Rome was to start and evolve the Roman people as they were then and today there is still a place calle Tuscany.

Who made the word geography?

The ancient Greek mathematician Eratosthenes is called the "father of geography" for that reason.

What has the author Muhammed Ibn Hawqal written?

Muhammed Ibn Hawqal has written: 'The oriental geography of Ebn Haukal, an Arabian traveller of the tenth century' -- subject(s): Ancient Geography, Arabic language, Geography, Ancient, Historical geography, Texts and translations

What has the author C Julius Solinus written?

C. Julius Solinus has written: 'The excellent and pleasant worke' -- subject(s): Ancient Geography, Geography, Ancient

Which ancient egyptian contribution do you think had the greatest impact on later civilizations?

ancient egypt