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Amps is amps be it DC or AC.

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In what kind of circuit is the voltage the same across all branches

How is the wiring done in houses and other occupied buildings

In a series circuit the is the same at every point

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What is the resistance in ohms of the computer-monitor combination when a desktop computer and monitor together draw about 1.2 A of current and they plug into a wall outlet that is 120 V

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Which is true of magnetic field lines but not electric field lines

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Electrical Engineering

22 cards

Could you give me an example of a simple sentence

In what kind of circuit is the voltage the same across all branches

How is the wiring done in houses and other occupied buildings

In a series circuit the is the same at every point

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Q: Convert 18 VDC to AC amps?
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How do you convert 12 volt 10 amps dc relay to 230 volt ac relay?

There is no way that you can convert a 12 VDC relay to a 230 VAC relay. Most relays when needed, are purchased with the correct coil voltage that is needed for the project.

Can you convert 120 VDC to 120 VAC?

Sure. It is just a DC to AC power inverter. Just Google DC AC Inverter or Power Inverter. The most common variety is 12 VDC to 120 VAC because of automobiles. You'll have to match your power requirements with various models. 120 VDC doesn't seem to be a common supply voltage.

How do you convert VA into Amps in AC power?

Take the number of VA and divide by the voltage, and that gives the current in amps.

What is the output of current transduceris it ac or dc?

The output of a current transformer is AC. Current transducers have added built-in circuitry to convert the AC current into a standard process output. It is DC, although it may be current or voltage. Some standard transducer output ranges are: * 0-10 VDC * 0-5 VDC * 0-1 VDC * 2-10 VDC * 1-5 VDC * 4-20 MADC Some transducers have selectable outputs via programming, switch or jumper settings, others have only one of the above outputs, and must be ordered with the one you need. Check the manufacturer's literature.

How do you convert 1.5 volts to 3 volts?

AC or DC?? If it is DC voltages, series the sources together. eg. + 1.5V - to + 1.5V - = 3 VDC. If AC you will have to find a transformer in that range, 1.5VAC primary to 3VAC secondary.

What is a 10-20 vdc power source?

A 10-20 vdc power source is a low output power supply used for small devices like battery chargers, notebook computers, and appliances. They use AC power input to convert it into DC power.

What is inverter meaning?

An inverter is an electrical device that changes DC into AC. They are frequently used in automobiles to convert the 12 VDC from the cigarette lighter socket into 110 VAC.

Why do you need a power supply?

Power supplies are need by many electronic devices for several reasons. Most devices need one or more DC voltages. Only AC power is available at a common household outlet.Power supplies, among other things, usually must convert AC power to DC power.AC = Alternating CurrentDC = Direct CurrentVDC = Volts of Direct CurrentComputers, for example, need a power supply to convert 120 VAC line power to 6 VDC, 9 VDC and possibly 12 VDC. You will understand this more fully once you get further into the study of things like trigonometry, the calculus, basic circuit design, etc.

How do you convert 1.5 volts AC to 100 watts AC?

P = V x A, POWER (watts) = VOLTS times AMPS But 1.5V AC is not a normal output

How do you convert 230 VAC to 30 VDC?

The 230 VAC has to be transformed down to 30 VAC and then rectified with a half or full wave diode bridge to change the voltage from AC to DC.

How do you test a diode bridge?

How to test a diode bridge ? Diode bridge is a device is used to convert an AC signals (say AC voltage) to DC output (say DC voltage). So, to test it, you can apply a AC voltage v = Vm Sin (wt) at its 2 inputs and measure DC output voltage Vdc.

How do I change 220 volt AC to 24 volt DC?

Use a step down transformer (220 VAC to 24 VAC) and then use a rectifier of suitable rating and type to convert 24 VAC to 24 VDC.

What is ac power and ac voltage?

AC power is electricially, a value that is expressed in watts and voltage is the electromotive force that combined with amps, makes up the formula to find watts. Watts is the product of Amps x Volts. W = amps x volts.

Is vdc the same thing as volts?

The v in vdc stands for volts. The dc stands for direct current. This is a voltage that you find in batteries and is not to be confused with AC which is alternating current which is the electricity in the utility grid that feeds your home electricity.

14000 BTU ac how many amps?

About 35 amps on a 110V circuit

How many amps in a 1000 watts at 110 volts ac?

9 amps would be the answer.

How a ballast resistor convert DC into ac?

A resistor, by itself, can not convert DC into AC.

How do you convert ac in 1992 Chevy Lumina?

How do you convert the ac in a 1992 Chevy lumina

Is it possible to convert single phase AC into three phase AC and how?

Yes, you can convert single phase AC into three phase AC with a phase converter.

How many amps does 230 watts equal is you are using 120V ac circuit?

1.9 amps

How do you calculate the ac amps when you have the DC volts DC amps and the ac volts?

the answer is dc volts are rectified from ac volts and the amperage will be the same unless you account for the slight drop from the rectifier. dc volts from a battery have no relationship to ac volts. you can derive ac volts from a dc source using an inverter.

Can a 115 volt motor be run off a 12 volt battery?

No, not unless there is a 115-volt power inverter to convert the 12 VDC to AC at the higher voltage. There are inexpensive inverters available to plug into a cigarette lighter outlet in a 12V vehicle system, but only for up to about 150 watts.

Circuit use for convert AC to DC?

to convert ac to dc you will need a rectifier diode and a capacitor

What type of electrical equipment cannot convert AC into DC?

A transformer cannot convert AC into DC.

Does a transformer convert DC current to AC?

A transformer is a device to convert high voltage AC to low voltage AC & vice-versa. It works on the principle of induction. Since induction occurs only in an AC supply, a transformer cannot work on DC.. So, it is not possible to convert DC supply to AC using transformer. You would need an inverter to convert DC to AC.